Introducing ACCA student blogger Ng Jia Wen

soramsey —  15 March 2013 — 12 Comments

Hi! I’m Ng Jia Wen. Just to be clear, Ng is not my first name, it’s my surname – Jia Wen is my given name. And I’m a (Chinese) Malaysian. I’m an ACCA student who has just finished exam papers F7 and F8 of the ACCA Qualification in the December 2012 sitting. I will be attempting F9 and P2 for the June 2013 sitting. Something special about me would be that I was one of the students in the batch which underwent the transition from CAT to Foundations in Accountancy.

What you can expect from me in the next few posts would be:
• study tips
• a day in a life of an ACCA student
• study/life balance
• exam tips

I may be young (not maybe – I AM young) but I refuse to let that deter me from pursuing my ambition and my dreams. I hope through my blog posts I can inspire my fellow students and those are not yet ACCA students and encourage everyone to work hard towards their goal. The road ahead is very long and maybe a little bit winding, but I believe we’ll reach our destination, with hard work and determination.

Aside from studying ACCA, I enjoy writing about my perspective and experience. This can be book reviews, movie reviews or food reviews. Food reviews would be my specialty – after all, I’m Malaysian – so food would top the list of anything and everything, wouldn’t it? ;)

I am also very passionate about football even though I am a girl (but who says girls cannot watch and understand football?) I try to keep myself updated with most of the big leagues and football nations, which can prove a difficult, if not impossible task to juggle with my studies. But I am more inclined to follow the English league and FIFA World Cup.

Until next time!


12 responses to Introducing ACCA student blogger Ng Jia Wen


    Hello, Jia Wen. I am an ACCA Student, as well and I agree with you, we have to reach our destination with hard work and determination. It is very important to find that strength to go on and achieve the objectives that have been set. I wish everyone good luck and all the best!


      Hi Ionela (I hope I spelt that correctly?).

      Thank you for agreeing! I firmly believe that we need to work hard first before we are able to achieve success. And maybe with a bit of luck and/or prayer too. All the best to you too, and everybody out there!


    Good article. Please share some exam tips for F5 and F7 as I am struggling with the later. Also if you can do an article on time management and planning that would be great. Many thanks.


      Hi Maryam.

      I will do my best, because I have so much to write about, but so little time! I will keep your request in mind, but please bear with me in the mean time. Thank you!


    Will be much appreciate if u could share how to pass F8


    This is a beautiful and important platform.i hope to see more articles of matters affecting all of us studying ACCA,especially those of us who are not in college or uni but studying it on what i may call self-help approach.thank you for the inspiring insight and experience and please share more tips and advise.
    all the best in your studies.


      Hi Reuben

      I believe the other authors for the blog are doing ACCA through self-studying. Do check out the rest of the authors on this blog! All the best in your endeavours too.


    Hye Jia Wen, I’m from Malaysia too. I also underwent the transition from CAT to FIA. I just started my course last year & currently doing my F3/FFA. I’ll be sitting for the exam this coming June, so would like to ask if you can give me some study tips or maybe you still have some notes that you can share with me. Some people said this the least difficult paper compares to F1/FAB & F2/FMA but not for me. Ho[e to hear from you soon. Thanks!


      Hi Nadia

      I completely understand how you feel. What people said is quite true, FFA is generally easier, but I overestimated FFA, and I didn’t get a good score for it when I sat for it last time.

      Well, one tip is to make sure your knowledge on double entries is solid. Practising questions help, but no guarantee that the questions you get in the final exam will be the same as the ones you have practised on. Regardless, it is good to get a feel of how exam questions will be like for your exam.

      All the best for your exams!

    ERNY MARIANA 21 May 2013 at 5:36 am

    Hi Jia Wen
    I’m Malaysian, Erny. I would like to have your advise on ACCA.
    I’m holding the Bachelor’s Degree of Finance. Now I’m working.

    How flexible ACCA to suit the two of my criteria?
    Really appreciate if you could help me.


      Hi Erny (really sorry for the delayed reply)

      With a degree, you will qualify for a few exemptions. (The maximum number of papers are the first 9 papers, which are the Fundamental papers. That means you will only have to sit for 5 papers, which are at the Professional level.)

      The beauty of ACCA is, IT IS supposed to be for the working adults, like you, where they can choose to self-study, or take part time classes (you can ask the institution of your choice for further information). If I am not wrong, and if your company offers you the opportunity, you will receive some benefits from the company should you choose to study ACCA, (but I am not sure on this. I am a full time student, after all. You can ask your superiors for more information.)

      But I hope that you make an informed decision first. Studying anything, ACCA included, requires commitment, and it is not fun to juggle a full plate with an additional commitment.

      All the best in your endeavors!

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