Introducing student blogger Mike Tye

soramsey —  28 March 2013 — 4 Comments

Hi everyone, my name’s Mike Tye and I’m a 22-year-old ACCA student originally from the UK, but now have the pleasure of writing this from the beaches of Dubai!

I chose to go into accountancy as I have always been much better at handling numbers rather than words. That’s not to say there are no written parts to accountancy, but there’s a great deal more emphasis on your numerical skills. Plus, accounting and finance is applicable to just about any industry you can imagine. Being an international rock star may be pretty cool but at the end of the day if the money’s not there to pay for it, the show won’t go on! This leads me on to why I chose ACCA.

The main thing that appealed to me about ACCA was the international recognition it has. You could go to any major city in the world with this qualification and companies would recognise it. The flexibility of ACCA was another major persuading factor for me; I like to be able to push myself so if I find that I am getting through ACCA exams a little too easily, I know I can try for an extra exam next time. 

One final deciding point that made me commit was the cost, or lack of cost should I say! With university fees only going up and up, I didn’t really want to commit to 3 years’ worth of study and the associated costs when I could be working and gaining practical experience at the same time as studying. Add to this the loss of income for 3 years that being a full- time university student would have attracted and ACCA suddenly becomes even more enticing!

So that’s the end of my first post but thank you for reading and be sure to keep an eye out for my next one!


4 responses to Introducing student blogger Mike Tye


    hi i glad of ur achievements just like me i am also self learning student makin it happening i hope God see us true


    Hi. I chose Accounting and Finance as my career because I am also good at dealing with number too :)

    takura.mufambisi 4 April 2013 at 1:53 pm

    Takura Mufambisi
    Hie am a 33 year old teacher and hope to enter the world of finance. I have sucessfully completed the first four papers and hope to sit for the next four this year. The ACCA course is challenging and that is why i enjoy it. I hope to leave teaching soon. I hope to find an employer willing to offer me the PER. Its all good when you are in your twenties but at my age i find myself in doubt as to whether i will be able to get my foot into the world of finance (what with the high unemployment rate). But i keep hoping for the best and in the mean time i will take on those exams.
    Are there any teachers out there who can inspire me please!


    I do not really understand what it takes and how to do PER

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