Introducing ACCA student blogger Tendayi Pikanegore

soramsey —  18 April 2013 — 2 Comments

I am not a presumptuous character, but I earned the name ‘I am legend’ for my diligence at the firm where I did my financial training. Gaining this name involved solving a complex deferred tax calculation (don’t we all love that?). I did my 3 years’ financial training at a chartered accounting firm called Nolands Johannesburg Inc in South Africa.

I chose accountancy because of a career guidance day where the accountants showed us how lucrative and prestigious the profession was (that is the part I heard, at least). At that point in my life I had never even opened an accounting text book, but decided I wanted to badly. My first encounter with accounts was therefore at university level.

Another turning point after completing my degree was I realised that I actually enjoyed the technical aspects; the auditing of Annual Financial Statements (AFS) was thrilling. I felt it gave me the ability to “undress” an entire corporation by looking at 100 pages of financial information – you can only imagine the ecstasy derived from actually drafting the AFS.

ACCA, from my research, can only serve to grow me into a “global leader”. It gives me the ability to “plug and play” in most economies; hence it was a natural choice to want to join this global accounting icon. I hope to be a CFO one day and certainly the ACCA Qualification will help me achieve that goal when I complete the Professional level at the end of 2013.


2 responses to Introducing ACCA student blogger Tendayi Pikanegore


    This is interesting.
    I can’t wait to experience that feeling of “undressing” a corporation like you said. I am ecstatic !
    I believe that once you have the passion for accountancy, it’s easy to focus and pass all your exams.
    What was the journey like for you?


    That is very interesting owning to the fact that you were still at the professional level.and you were fortunate to have seen a firm that accepted you as an ACCA student to do your training. that was grt efforts.I am an ACCA student in south Africa , to get a firm to do some training as you did is a hell of a task.

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