Introducing ACCA student blogger Pantelis Fouli

soramsey —  25 April 2013 — 8 Comments

Greetings from a sunny Cyprus. My name is Pan Fouli. I am 38-year-old Greek/Cypriot married to a fantastic lady and am blessed with 2 beautiful girls (9 & 3) which keep me busy.

I have always enjoyed numbers, but I guess it was the positive influence of my first accountancy teacher back in school that managed to jolt my enthusiasm. She would explain the material and weave it into every day practical examples – one that even a teenager would find intriguing, and that would fascinate me.

After graduating from the American Academy here in Larnaca Cyprus and completing my 2 years of compulsory military service, I knew ACCA would be the perfect route for me. Entry requirements of A levels and O levels (which are now GCSEs) were perfect for me and I could choose to structure my studies how I saw fit; 1 paper at a time, 4 papers at a time, studying full-time, studying part-time, working while I studied etc.

As an ambitious 19-year-old I commenced my studies. That was back in 1994, ladies and gentlemen, and here is where it gets interesting. If you do the math, why am I still a student and still on the register? Apart from all the benefits I mentioned above, ACCA requires you complete your ACCA Qualification exams within 10 years of registering to study. I was fortunate for that, for if that was not the case I would not be here with you today.

I managed to complete 9 ACCA papers till 2001 and then I stopped.  I quit. Quitting means for me, maybe attempting an exam every few years without having done your homework. Quitting means for me, paying for your exams year in year out and not turning up. That all changed last summer, fast forward to my Dec 2012 sitting – I passed my final Fundamentals exam paper F7 with a mark of 63. And I now have 4 Professional level exams to go.

Now, what happened leading up to last summer till my first pass in 11 years, I will share with you in a future blog post. And that, my friends, is my ambition going forward, to become a qualified accountant and if en route, if I am able to uplift current or potential students with my writing, even better.

Thanks for tuning in. Till next time.


8 responses to Introducing ACCA student blogger Pantelis Fouli

    Elochukwu Agu 25 April 2013 at 9:32 am

    Yours is a very inspirational write up. We do not get to read about this type of experience everyday. Just a personal advice, please try and stay on and get the programme completed this time around, do not “quit” again!!!


    Did you re register with ACCA? Sorry just a bit confused with that.


      Hi, I just kept paying my dues annually since I knew that ACCA was for me and I would eventually come back to it


    why are you still studying whilst there is a 10 years limit


    Well the word quit or the verb quitting don’t exist in our dictionaries anymore. You can do it love mou. Keep up the good work (studying). We believe in you.
    Love you lots
    your girls

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