Organise yourself before exam time

aabnblog —  31 May 2013 — 6 Comments


By ACCA student blogger Mike Tye

Whether you are intending on taking 1, 2, 3 or 4 exams papers in one session, chances are you will have some sort of schedule that you try to stick to. Different people will inevitably have different ways of doing this, maybe just a simple thought in your head – learn the materials then do 2 weeks of practise questions before the exam. Personally, I find being able to organise revision around my life rather than my life revolving around revision is the major plus point of self-study.

I print out a countdown of days until my exams then mark various points at which I want to have finished certain objectives. For instance, I see each exam as having a learning and a revision period so mark off when I want to have completed the learning part and revision part of each exam. This means that if something comes up like wanting to watch the footy (football) on a Saturday afternoon, I can quite happily watch that rather than having to go off to revision classes. Then as long as I am still meeting my time objectives, no harm is done to my revision! 

Organisation (in theory!) means that you can keep stress levels to a minimum as you get nearer to exam time. If everything’s planned out, you’ll ensure you don’t miss any topics or devote inadequate time to any areas of study

As examiners guidance is always saying, make sure you don’t leave any areas out or try to question spot (which is when you try to guess what questions are most likely to be in the paper and just prepare for answering these) as it won’t work in the exam. By organising and planning your time effectively, you can make sure you cover all areas and give yourself the best chance of passing.


6 responses to Organise yourself before exam time


    Poor organizing and planning is indeed the downfall of many. I know all too well how difficult it can be when studying for threee papers at one sitting. You find yourself focusing on one more than the other.


      Yeah that was something I wanted to concentrate on, giving them all equal attention otherwise you end up focussing on a more difficult paper and forgetting that the other 2 still require a lot of study. Hope any exams you’ve taken or are due to take go well


        Thank you! I will be sitting F1, F2 & F3 this month.
        I had trouble giving each of those subjects equal attention.


    any idea for F9 ??


      Taking 1 paper at a time. Because I wasn’t genius to know everything

      Anyone who is interested to form Strategic Alliance to knock the 2 Giants down P3, P4? We would form a unitary board and discuss the appropriate strategy.

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