What’s it like to study the OBU BSc degree?

soramsey —  4 July 2013 — 10 Comments


by ACCA student blogger Yani Shi

Why did I decide to do the degree?

The Oxford Brookes’ BSc degree in Applied Accounting was exciting news to me when I found out about it. It meant getting a bachelor degree from a university with a great reputation at the same time as studying ACCA. All I needed to do was complete a research project as well as my ACCA exams – and I would enhance my employability.

How to opt in to this programme?

Remember, if you want to opt in to the BSc degree, you need to register with Oxford Brookes University (OBU) before you take the Fundamentals papers F7, F8 and F9 in the ACCA Qualification. You can do this easily by using myACCA.  Also you need to pass all nine Fundamentals level papers and complete the ACCA Professional Ethics module by the Research and Analysis Project (RAP) submission dates.

Research and Analysis Project (RAP)

You need to find a project mentor to support you in preparing your RAP (this is very important!). They will need to confirm to OBU that he or she has been your Project Mentor and that your RAP is all your own work.

When you write your RAP you will have three meetings with your Project Mentor and get feedback from them on your progression. I found the meetings to provide a valuable opportunity to develop my personal skills including questioning, listening and giving a presentation. Learning these types of skills will also give you something to talk about in the ‘Skills and Learning Statement’ bit of your RAP too!

When you pick your RAP topic, there’s a variety to choose from. So whatever you are interested in or you excel at, you can find a topic that suits you most.

If you’d like to find out more, there’s a very detailed guide available in the Information Pack on the ACCA website.

My research and analysis project

I chose Business and Financial Performance of Intel Corp as my research topic, as I’m interested in this topic and good at financial performance analysis. Intel Corp was my own choice, as I felt it’s worth studying how they’ve maintained their competitive edge for such a long time.

The most challenging part of the RAP for me was how to organise the structure. As this is the first time I’ve written such a long and comprehensive report, I got a little lost when the project started. However, my project mentor was very helpful in helping me get organised and write an outline.

It took me about two months to complete the RAP, but that’s because I also study other university courses – so someone else could probably finish it much more quickly.

Hope this information is helpful – good luck with your studies!


10 responses to What’s it like to study the OBU BSc degree?


    If someone has not been opt for bsc degree before paper f7,8 and9… What should he/she do?

    Mohammad Azam 5 July 2013 at 10:21 am

    Have to Give the paper f7,f8 n f9 again.


    Hi, i am eligible to write 4 papers : F7,F8,F9 and P1. If i register for F7-F9 for the December exam session would i be allowed to submit the RAP and Ethics module in December?


    Can you tell me how to reference ACCA papers study texts?


      If you mean OBU RAP, I think it is not such impoant to reference study texts as for exams. What is important in RAP is the skills, logics and theories you have learnt in F1 to F9. For exams, texts books are important. My advice is to study the syllabus carefully and thouroughly before you start reading the books, so that you know the structure and the main topics in one papaer. Read the books topic by tpic, take notes when reading. Be good at summarizing, and linking one topic with other topics. Drawing grahs might be helpful. If you do this, you will find after findtheterrible book turned out to be understandable and thin.

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