Things to consider when balancing work with life

soramsey —  19 July 2013 — 10 Comments

by ACCA student blogger Elyse Burns-Hill

When you start the ACCA Qualification, you will make some sacrifices for a few years. How much of your time and energy is spent studying depends entirely on you and what you want out of this qualification.


Some students choose to aim high; they want to be a prize winner or at least get marks in the high 80s or 90s. These students are likely to spend hours practising and revising. They need to know all the little details to get those top prize winner marks.

Others (most of us) simply want to pass; which for us ACCA students is a 50% mark. If all you want to do is to qualify, then you can afford to put a little less time in. Don’t forget though, you do still need to show that you understand the work and are able to apply principles.


Our brains are all programmed slightly differently, which means we need to put in different levels of work to get the same result.

Some people prefer the numbers-based exams, others prefer word based. Depending on your strength, different amounts of time and practice will need to be put in.


If you are working at the same time as studying, it’s hard to fit in the study around a normal working day. You need to find a timetable that works for you; if getting up an hour early works better than trying to concentrate in the evenings, then do that. It takes discipline, but the reward in the end is definitely worth the effort.

Relaxation time

Whatever your aim or aptitude, you still need to take time out. Make sure you take time to do things you love doing; going for dinner with friends, quiet night in with a movie and popcorn, or simply having a hot shower where everything outside the cubical just melts away.

By doing these things you allow your brain a period to re-energise and you remind yourself that there is something outside of your ACCA studies.

How do you balance life and work with your studies? Please share below.


10 responses to Things to consider when balancing work with life


    Great advice Elyse,thank you.

    The truth is its quite a challenge balancing work with study but like you have rightly put it “its worth the effort and sacrifice”.

    Enjoy your day.


    very good article Elyse…..I am glad you highlighted the importance of relaxation time as sometimes students get caught in the trap of only studying, but it is only so much the brain can take, thus relaxation is a must
    well written!


    Get you priorities right. If you are working and Acca student at the same time then sacrifice your social life for a while. In the end it’s worth it. It works differently for everybody so set your strategies and stick to it. I cannot study in stress so I start my preparation 4 months prior to exams. Slow and relaxing works for me. Good luck for result.


    Thanks for the topic. Its a real challenge but in-order to succeed one needs real organisation. Each part should have specific times and try to adhere to those times in-order to achieve in all aspects. Too much of one part will definitely affect the other. Relaxation is equally important.

    EMAD-UD-DIN KHAN 25 July 2013 at 12:14 pm

    this was good … but these remain just only in imagination ..there is no such things possible in practical life…because you have to face too many hardships and tackles in your working hours and after that families issue… so at my favor this is only good up-to
    in theory.


    It’s a great advice. I’m still studying ACCA and I feel hard to balance my time and find a effectively learning method. Even though i spent a lot of time in studying, i can’t get the mark i want. Can you give some advice about it???


    Hmmm. I try to leave some of my study materials in the office so that, @ some spare time I could flip through. Socializing @the time is 0% :(

    alero4real2000 25 July 2013 at 1:22 pm

    yea right!


    I’m a part time candidate and had been studies ACCA for sometime but nothing can drag me down of whatsoever reason because I want to achieve my goals and missions. I will schedule my time into day and night. Daytime I will read some materials of my papers during lunch hour even though it’s merely an hour but it does enough to recall what had learnt in class. Come to night time I will practice at least a question to enhance my understanding and any doubts will clarify with my lecturer in next class. Sometimes I do spend my time with my friends to hang out somewhere else in order to release stress from studies. After the break time I do feel energized and start to revise notes again. Apart from that, I will also called up my friends to discuss some issue about the studies and from there we can know the ideas and extra knowledge in order to enhance our understanding as a whole. I do appreciate your ideas to D-stress and will do it shortly.

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