Failure is not final

soramsey —  8 August 2013 — 61 Comments


by ACCA student blogger Hafeez Adeboye

The ACCA exam results are out. Did you fail your exams? Is it your third attempt at the paper(s)? So what now? Give up and try some other qualification?

You believe at first your preparation was good enough. You thought you had it in the bag. You say to yourself ‘This cannot be happening!’ But perhaps you had an unrealistic reading schedule, or you crammed your way through the syllabus. Either way, you begin to realise there is more work to be done; for example, practicing past exam questions more. After all, attempting mock exams and reflecting exam conditions are key.

Now you need to find the inspiration in your failure to keep your focus. Believe that success is just an exam session away and this could be the difference between an abandoned qualification and achieving ACCA membership.

I personally have had 3 failed attempts at F8, 4 failed attempts at F7 and 3 failed attempts at F9, despite these being my strong subjects and despite the fact I am the Chief Audit Executive where I work (CBP). But I did not look for fault in my ability or in the ACCA Qualification, because none was in either. I just changed my preparation strategy. To be honest, it is my preparation that was the culprit in all my failed attempts.

Here is a preparation tip – avoid leaving study to the last minute. Get real and study every inch of the syllabus and practice in an exam conditions as much as you can.

If you know others can find inspiration and strength in your journey through their ACCA exams, please share and inspire in the comments beneath. You never know, your story might just be the elixir for a student out there.

I will end with a Winston Churchill quote that says ‘success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.’

Thank you for reading this and best of luck for your results.


61 responses to Failure is not final


    thank you for your post, this has really inspired me and I will make use of your advice


    very helpful , thanks a lot it has definitely changed my thought of giving up.




    Sob sob.:-( … Still shocked at my results..


      Be courageous and remain focus NAna. The sweetness of success will soon wipe away your sob…keep keeping on.


    I have failed f2 4 times, f3 3 times, f4 4 times , f5 2 times , f6 2 times , f7 2 times , f8 3 times , f9 3 times and p1 2 times … Now I have passed 10 papers out of 14 papers already .. Passed or failed does not matter , it is attitude that makes a different .. The greatest reward does not come from what you passed, it is actually comes from those that you have overcome it … Don’t stop trying , remember everybody”s learning curve is different , be patient to yourself and learning the subject more of interest instead of monetary reward it will be less stressful .. Things are always difficult before they become easy !!! So don’t give up !!!


      You seem a very focus and strong individual Ling. I am inpired by you. Keep the lighters up.


        I have so far cleared Part 2, having started the ACCA rather late, and due to repeated failures at the professional exams, which proved costly too, I finally took a break by pursuing and acquiring the CMA qualification. Besides, my work schedule/ health caused many disruptions to my desire to complete Part3 with 5 papers to go. I am nearing 58 now and the thought of appearing for exams with students who would be less than half my age makes me too nervous and creates a feeling of discomfort . Though qualifying as ACCA would personally be satisfying, these thoughts have been causing worrying disturbances in reaching a decision. What would you suggest looking at the situation from the other side.


      Wow. Thank you for the inspiration Foo Wei Ling.
      I have to say, ACCA students are the most determined, inspiring and strong breed of students of all. We choose to ignore failure and make it a win.


    Thanx alot , this really pumped me up indeed my preparation was the culprit, so much was expected from thus result but none is acheived, I am really gonna change things around me n will show i have not lost yet .


      I am glad to have inspired you Umair, thanks alot. It is always about the preparation. Once you can figure it out, “you are home and dry”.


    Thanks…helps a lot..


    Inspiring. Thank you!


    thks for ur advise, it really helps


    Thank you very much


    Thanks for the encouragement. Its a boost for tackling the revision again


      Just stay focus and free your preparation of all distractions Kavish, the pass result you will achieve will more than compensate for the sacrifice during study.

    nduwayezu jean claude 12 August 2013 at 5:37 pm

    thanks… the world guys like u. i still have a hope after failing 1 out of 2 attempts


      Awww, that is very sweet of you, I am humbled by your comment. Just keep keeping on. The end always justifies the means.

    nana kwame owusu-afriyie 12 August 2013 at 9:01 pm

    Thanks! Very inspiring


    Yes that is really some thing common in practice people always like to get the sign of tick rather than the X freak sign further more they even try to always hear the positive words falling into their ears, what I can simply say is if you have the habit of doing the things right than you have mastered all steps to success, always never give up and give in, capitulate to understand the whole sylubs from tip to bottom………………..Now I have set up my daily ritual and really I want to strike my lessons most insha,aah in order to receive the awards issued by ACCA … up and keep up!!!!!!!!!!!! we will get there as I believe.


    I will like to thank everybody for their positive feedbacks. It is quite satisfactory and fulfilling for me to know that you all find the article inspiring….(see you all at!)


    You ca’t think of how much your words inspired me. I really appreciate this.


    Although I passed all d 3papers I wrote and I have never failed any paper, this is an inspiring write up, ll forward it to my frnds who needs it. I pray God will give U̶̲̥̅̊ divine wisdom, strength, understanding and grace to complete IJN.


    Thanks for your motivating story . . .
    But I would like to know what is the maximum time period allowed by ACCA to pass 14 paper


    I have started ACCA and just passed F1 After then I took F3 and got failed with very low points Now I am very depressed and it seems that I can’t pass any paper. can anyone please help me to get rid of it? I don’t know what to do now. even I am thinking to quit from ACCA just because of one failure


    Very encouraging story…!!!!!!!!


    Brilliant! The only problem is that these papers are quite expensive and failure be omes so costly that you just want to give up! But i still have hope that the bad times will pass :)


    Thank you for encouraging me. I am still at the beginning stage. I had my 1st attempt of F7 and 2nd attempt of F4 in December 2013. And i decided that if i would not be able to pass, it would mean that i am not worthy of being an accountant. All the negative thoughts took over. But this article encouraged me a lot. It removed all of my mental stress. And encouraged me to use my time efficiently. Thank you very much. :)


    i have failed 5 times in my f2..Bt nt other units.What do u think about me


      I think you should remain focus. concentrate on your business maths and cost accounting. Ensure that the next time, you write only F2, such that you can focus your preparation around this paper. Wishing you better luck next time.


    Thank you for sharing your tips


    I finished Bachelor of degree and now studying ACCA as a full-timer. I failed F6 and F8 in last siting. I’m now thinking of should I go for work and continue to study in future?Is it call a giving up on my studies?Or just another pathway to my career?I feel upset now.


      My advice to you is to evaluate your financial position and determine whether you can carry on your studies without a job. And I don’t think you can, unless you have a sponsor. So get a job, but don’t give up on your studies. Just draft a work-study program that works for you. make sure your life style reflects through this program.


    My husband has just found out that he’s failed the final paper for the 4th time. Do you have any advice on what he can do ? It’s so hard to help him to keep positive about it as he’s just so close but he’s obviously not doing something right.


      I am so sorry to hear that Susie. But that is the reality of life. I failed my December paper too. But the drive is in knowing that you are just one paper away from qualification. Tell him to remember the joy he felt when he passed all those papers he had written in the past. That should be his motivation and believe in his ability that he can do it. All he needs to do is re-strategize. Perhaps his preparation strategy no longer works. Perhaps his life style has changed? so too should his preparation plans. I sincerely wish him better luck next time.


    wonderful might to see this post


    Thanks for the strength. I failed in f3, December 2013 sitting n planning to do self study at home n later enrol for the revision classes but I’m confused about what if there is some change in the syllabus. There is a change in exam format that I know. Also please give some tips for how should I prepare for f3 as accounts was never my subject also. So I’m little worried.


    thanks, you r motivate me… because some times i really feel want to give up my acca.


    HELO hafez actually i want a conservation would u plz send your email id at thanx a lot waiting of your positive reply.

    Zaeema Jamshaid 25 May 2014 at 10:22 am

    I failed 2 time in f9 yet, now I have to give exam again for f9 3rd time, I m not sure of my exam preparation well. I didn’t do any kit practise, just read whole book time short, exam on head.what to do? Cant afford to fail again! :(


    any people in here who have been failing P5 but finally got through? We appreicate the encouraging words given that can apply to any paper and will be more than grateful to hear success stories testimonies.


    i failed my ma1 pepar initail i am vry depressd so what can i do plz give me suggestion plz plz


    thank you very much…i got 35% in f9 i nearly gave up.i will be writing the same paper in June

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