Time between exam sessions

soramsey —  12 September 2013 — 4 Comments


By ACCA student blogger Mike Tye

Studying for ACCA exams can be exhausting, especially as the majority of students juggle their studying with a job or various other commitments. So what we do when the pressure is off can be almost as important as when it is on.

If you’re constantly on the go, studying hard and doing practise questions, then you will eventually burn out and end up dreading the textbooks and everything to do with exams. You can probably do this without even realising. It’s the same as before your exams, when you are working hard towards them. The first day after your last exam seems like heaven when you realise you don’t have to pick up any books. I personally don’t even notice how hard I study until the exams are all over.


I find that if I have a couple of months off after exam time then getting back into a study routine is tough, so I prefer to keep my mind ticking over throughout the year, even just simple things such as reading related articles on the web, reading through the next exam’s textbooks or doing something relevant to my ACCA studies, such as writing this blog! 

The next exams

Before you know it, the exam entry deadline dates are approaching and if you haven’t at least looked into the exams you might take, then how do you know which exams you want to do?!  A lot of discussion amongst ACCA students centres around which exam papers to take together but I think that it is such a personal issue, not many people can tell you which combination would be the best for you. By doing a bit of initial research and background study I feel that you can decide on which papers would be best for you. For instance I took F6, F8 & F9 in the June 2013 sitting and found that to be a good combination for me, but ultimately you should decide for yourself, as no one knows you better than you do!



4 responses to Time between exam sessions


    You are right. Before exams I study study study. I’m so into it that I even read my notes while walking to work (yes, walking). But after exams I have nothing to do, classes don’t start for another 2 months. What should I do with my free time? I start watching TV or find some other “lazy” things to do and I actually don’t like it. Because once I lose the momentum I find it very hard to come back to studying mode.
    I think researching the next paper(s) is very good idea. I’ll try doing that from this December :)


    It is almost two months that I did not open books and now I am finding it really hard to go back into study routine. But this time I’ll keep myself moving on with study material.


    It’s best approach to get success in passing ACCA paper.I have liked it very much.Go ahead.I am wishing u best of luck.

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