Balancing study and work

soramsey —  10 October 2013 — 7 Comments

by ACCA student blogger Diksha Jeswani

14 exams…… 3 years of practical experience……1 ethics module…sometimes it just seems intimidating …..right?! When I started working, after completing the Fundamentals level papers, my decision was met with consternation from my family and friends. But it’s been 3 years now, and I don’t regret my decision at all! I feel working has definitely changed me completely – for the better!

Also, I feel working alongside studying ACCA does contribute a lot to your personality as well as assisting in your career development. Working has given my communication skills a boost, and has also enabled me to approach situations, be it at work or with studies, with confidence. Maybe it was working in this particular environment with a strong support system and colleagues who were pursuing the same qualification, which enabled me to come such a long way with my ACCA studies. When you see your colleagues working alongside you and still passing their exams, it gives you just the boost you need to give it your best shot with each exam you attempt.

But sometimes I have seen colleagues so caught up with their schedules of studying and working that they do not have time for themselves, which I believe is just not right. Yes, it is tiring and frankly, a little crazy sometimes, trying to manage both these areas, but then that’s what makes life interesting!

I guess the key to effectively managing both these areas is to ensure that you enjoy yourself with whatever you are doing. Enjoy your work and keep yourself motivated when you go to work every morning, so that you give your best. Enjoy your studies, be curious, ask questions, gain knowledge for the sake of learning and not just to add 4 letters after your name. And above all, cherish yourself, take time out, indulge in hobbies you like, and make sure you live your life to the full!!

As they say, ‘You live this life only once!!’

And until the next time………Cheers.


7 responses to Balancing study and work

    Paradzai Matashu 10 October 2013 at 4:22 pm all requires professional personal organization..knowing what to do at what time. My ACCA journey commenced in 2013, it looks like a long journey but its not a long one with sheer determination. That self drive in us is the key to the future and all the success. Wish you all the success in the forthcoming December 2013 exams.


    “a little crazy sometimes, trying to manage both these areas”. Try managing 3 areas: work, study AND family. THAT is crazy! :-)


    I really believe balancing work/study/other things is important to having the right frame of mind for exam preparation. It is up to each student to achieve this – no one wants to be a nervous wreck. When I started my ACCA journey, I was so caught up in studying that (sadly) ignored the rest of the world, and missed out on other important things. I only got myself together towards the end, and I began to live a little, and being relaxed did help me study better.

    Great blog

    ''The Professional Accountant'' 27 October 2013 at 3:06 pm

    Mmmh, I am experiencing some difficulties in serving these two Masters ( STUDY & WORK)!!!!!!!!!


    Thanks for all the kind responses…and wish you all the best for the December exams…Cheers guys!!!!

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