Don’t be scared of exam paper F4

soramsey —  25 October 2013 — 27 Comments

by ACCA student blogger Naresh John

Hey all…. within the blink of an eye, we’re facing them again…exams!! What once had me thinking (and a bit scared), was the pass rates of paper F4 – Corporate and Business Law. They were quite scary to look at, as they continuously decrease over the years. I asked myself, ‘What is the reason for this? Is the paper that difficult? What do I need to do to pass this paper?’

Well.. I found my answer when I attempted this paper in the December 2012 sitting. What I found was this paper probably overwhelms students by the amount of information presented in front us. As such, we suffer from information overload when studying.

After being very successful in this paper (attaining 1st place the Caribbean region), I can say that this state of mind can be overcome. The first thing that one should do is approach this exam paper with an open mind – don’t have any predispositions about it based on opinions expressed by colleagues or from past statistics, but think of it as if it’s the first time you are hearing about this paper.

Secondly, use your class notes, ACCA textbooks and the study kit to revise. As this course is theory based, the study kit answers are of the most help, as answers cannot vary to suit the scenario, but are consistent with the kit. You should aim to read all that is necessary at least five times before the exam (I did it ten times), so that you remember it well.

As far as remembering cases, it is not mandatory, but it is useful for showing the examiner that you know about the origins of the law and principle. Mentioning the name of the case related to the topic is sufficient, so don’t worry about remembering all of the case details.

Finally, enter the exam hall full of confidence, knowing that you have studied sufficient material to not just pass, but to score a high mark.

Till next time peers, keep well and good luck in the upcoming exams!


27 responses to Don’t be scared of exam paper F4


    Thank you so much for giving right suggestion and confidance.


    This is so inspiring. I love it and I’m going to put it to practise.
    Thank you ACCA for sharing this.


    am very much scared


      dont b…nerves contribute to poor performance….just have the belief and prepare yourself well and u’ll b ok


    thanks dear, i’ll follow as much as i can


    This was the easiest paper ever


    thank u very much bro.i am going for it this December


    thanks a lot


    after 7 attempts i am still trying to pass this \F4 exam.


    thnx for this…i’,m feeling a bit more confident now to hit the marks in Dec-13.


    dont take easy even f1 i have revise 7 times ftc book with lot of past papers exam prep got 71 marks n f4


    hi anyone will take f4 for the jun2014 session? would like to have a keep in touch through notes & revision


    Hi guys…. I’m also going to attempt F4 in june 2014….let me to join you to get benefit of you guys…plzzzzzzzzz reply i’m really scared of F4.


    hi guys. im taking F$ malaysia variant on this JUNE2014. anyone?


    sorry F4


    Anyone know who is the famous F4 (MYS) tutor now? I intend to join for revision class.

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