Introducing our new Pakistani student blogger – Shahroze Naeem

soramsey —  13 December 2013 — 8 Comments

My name is Shahroze Naeem and I am the latest addition to this wonderful community of ACCA student bloggers. I completed my O level and A-Level qualifications in a span of 3 years, after which I decided to move forward and pursue my career as a professional accountant.

Choosing Accountancy – from being a future engineer to being an intern at the Stock Exchange

I perfectly remember how at first, I used to love science, especially Physics. I was not that much of a genius at school – just an average student who was irritated by early morning alarm clock bells, who was punished at school for not being attentive most of the times, and, most importantly, who was in love with Physics.

At just the age of 15, I went to the stock exchange as an intern because my father had good relations with an issuing house there. He wanted me to explore the hidden opportunities the corporate sector had to offer to me.

This span of 6 months quoting share prices, being guided and scolded by the house’s owner on tiny mistakes, and maintaining long-distance relationships with international clients proved to be the defining moments of my professional life.


That’s when I picked Business Studies, Economics and Accounting as my subjects in O and A Levels. I had heard about ACCA before, and after my father’s recommendation, I decided that I would opt for ACCA in the near future.

Being affiliated with ACCA is a privilege of being tagged by a prestigious accountancy body. It signifies our brilliant minds and makes us stand out in the crowd.

ACCA makes me feel like I belong to a family of professional accountants, and that is the reason why I wanted to write for the ACCA student blog.

Measuring the miles travelled

I have taken Papers F8, F9, P1 and Paper P2 in the December 2013 session. If all goes well as planned, I will be an affiliate by the end of June 2014. Looking back at how far I have come, it all seems not real. I never thought working at the Stock Exchange would make me review my decision about my future.

Standing at the 4-way intersection – where am I headed in the near future?

I definitely see myself as an auditor in the near future. I believe Audit provides you with the challenges and the space to grow and become a skilled and qualified professional. I am also interested in the fields of Performance Management and Corporate Law, but because Audit provides me with just the right exposure to practice my skills over a far larger spectrum (or so I believe). I would love to be a part of a Big Four firm one day.


8 responses to Introducing our new Pakistani student blogger – Shahroze Naeem


    May God grant you your heard desires. Well done boy.


    Well done larkey. best wishes.

    ~ ACCA Affiliate. (Qual time : 2 years)


    It’s interesting to see how our interests are coincidentally the same. I too love science especially physics and it’s sub-branch particle physics.But after O levels due to some reasons I changed to the business side. I too find our erratic stock market and securities markets in general mesmerizing. I also still dabble in the market from time to time.


    i am also inspire of him… ALLAH give us success in this field.


    i done mba finance what you suggest for me pls


    Assalam o Alaikum..!! How Are You..?? First of all, Congrats and best wishes for the Future…!!! Could You Please tell me whether i should Go For ACCA Or not, Because I Had Just Complete My Fsc Engg… Whether i will face any difficulty during Acca that may risky for my future or not?? Regarding to studies of AccA,, Can I Do It,, Because i did not learn any accounting or business relevant subject till now…? So Should i Go or Not??? Kindly Reply as soon as possible… I am From Pakistan,, Multan City…??


    Everybody, thanks so much for sharing your stories. All the best to everyone! New blog post for ACCA is coming soon. :)


    Can anyone tell about annual registration subscription due date?

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