Choosing a global qualification

soramsey —  29 January 2014 — 3 Comments

by ACCA student blogger Yani Shi

One of the reasons I choose to study ACCA is that it is globally recognised. I began to study ACCA at university in China, as I have previously talked about in my article on being an international student in the UK. There are many ACCA tuition providers in China, as well as universities who have partnerships with ACCA or provide associated programmes, demonstrating its global network. So no matter if you want to study ACCA part-time or full-time at university, there is always a choice.

I started studying ACCA with a Chinese tuition provider, who helped me register and understand more about ACCA. After I came to the UK, I still used a Chinese tuition provider, as I am more familiar with the language. Thanks to ACCA’s flexibility, I was able to take an ACCA online course from a Chinese tuition provider in the UK. I think it is easy to get ACCA study support from all over the world.

Currently I am looking for work as an auditor in an accounting firm. I plan to finish the last paper this June and become ACCA member as soon as possible – as I know this will provide me with a competitive advantage. I know there are still many things I don’t know, so I will keep learning to ensure my knowledge is up to date and also learn from practice.

I am also going to take CICPA (Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants) to know about the accounting standards and procedures in China. I think my knowledge and skills gained from studying ACCA will help me to achieve CICPA easily. In the future I hope to become a leading professional in a world-leading accounting firm.

In conclusion I’d say, if you’re not already studying ACCA, then make the right decision today for your career!


3 responses to Choosing a global qualification


    HI Yani Shi! I wish you all the best for ACCA
    can you tell me that how much is different between ACCA and CICPA accounting standards?


      Thanks~I have not started learning CICPA now, so I could not tell you what is different exactly between the two. At least the taxation law and standards are different I think. Are you wonna take CICPA too?


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