Why I chose to self-study ACCA

soramsey —  5 February 2014 — 15 Comments


by ACCA student blogger Hafeez Adeboye

In preparing for and taking the ACCA exams, you need a tuition provider that will be a partner or collaborator in the journey to membership. ACCA has done a great deal by approving the best quality ACCA tuition providers either as Platinum or Gold.

However, since I started my journey towards ACCA membership, I have been self-studying. The reason is that many providers offer tuition that is not as high quality as the fees they charge. Secondly, I find that ACCA provides enough study resources to complement my study, at almost no cost. Thirdly, as a part-time student and family man, self-study suits my lifestyle better.

I personally find I am more able to structure my study around work and life activities when I self-study. With discipline and a well-thought out study plan, I find the balance I need to reach forward, upward and onward in my journey to membership, without leaving other life goals to suffer.

I must say, however that self-study comes with its own challenges. Number one is discipline to stick to your studies. You will be thinking to yourself that, since you design the programme, you can decide to not follow through, after all, it’s not anyone else’s business. But it is your business, as this could be the difference between pass and fail. Number two is knowing what study programme works with your abilities, capabilities and activities around your lifestyle.

Finally, my one piece of advice should you choose to self-study is that you will need to turn to the people around you to collaborate, by sharing your study calendar with them using Microsoft Outlook. Then they know when you working, when you are studying and when you expect to have free time.


15 responses to Why I chose to self-study ACCA


    Great piece.


    I am also doing it on my own. thanks for sharing your experience.


    thats helpful




    which study material do u use for selfstudying ?
    could you tell me which is the best one for P1


    any recommended self study website?


    Hi How is everything with you and over there
    I’m Nebi Karaqica I m from Kosovo and I want to know bout ACCA in KOSOVO
    I want to be a member of ACCA.


    Nebi KAraqica


    good man yourself:)


    Hello! I really like your block. I am ACCA student, gonna move abroad & thinking where & when to study.. first of all its not affordable, its good option to study Self/online when its difficult to manage work life and lectures timings.
    I think there must be online discussion room for ACCA paper wise.. there are already but not to the point..
    share more links and experience,
    Thank you
    Imran Ali


    I self-study as well. its sometimes difficult to balance work and study as work can be so time consuming. I hardly have time for a social life. maybe go out once a month if ever. its difficult because u then have to fight sleep and all these other things like a kid. but I have no doubt that its worth it. the grades do not reflect my abilities at all as I know what I am capable of achieving. but I try and most times I succeed. good luck with your studies.


    Since I am also self studying under similar circumstances, I completely agree.


    Right on time


    I m also self studying but i have been feeling difficulties to pay exam fees. Do you have solution please!

    onismas karakadzai 2 March 2014 at 1:05 pm

    I agree


    I used to attend classes every evening after work, but also in my case self-studying turned out to be much more effective, due to low quality of the tuition provider. I used BPP book and revision kit and passed most of my exams at first attempt.

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