What are my December 2013 exam results?

soramsey —  18 February 2014 — 9 Comments


by ACCA student blogger Diksha Jeswani

How do you put into words the feeling you get when you finally receive your results? The frenzy of anticipation and the numbness of actually getting the results culminate into a feeling of overwhelming exhilaration and relief when you actually know that you have secured a pass.

For me, this was the end of a fantastic journey; the exam results I received this time were my last for ACCA. I finally qualified as an ACCA affiliate, and managed to do so by passing all of my papers at the first attempt.

It now gives me a sense of immense pride, to be able to say I am an affiliate. Nonetheless, the path to it was like a crazy rollercoaster ride, with a seemingly endless cycle of studying, exams, work and the waiting for results. But the happy ending had made all that worth it!

I think what really helped me to achieve this was the support provided to me by my Approved Learning Partner where I got my ACCA tuition. They made concepts clear and provided guidance on the way to approach the exams.

Also, an important piece of advice I would like to give my fellow students is – be dedicated to what you do, and plan your time well. Even more so than passing the exams, it is essential that the fundamental concepts are understood properly.

Working at the same time as taking the ACCA exams might seem too daunting a prospect to some, but for me, this worked fantastically well. As I was with an ACCA Approved Employer, Crowe Horwath, my firm was very supportive of me pursuing the qualification, and I also got a lot of support from my colleagues in actually applying theoretical concepts to a practical scenario.

It has been a fantastic journey, and I hope to be contributing positively to the profession with my qualification in the future.


9 responses to What are my December 2013 exam results?


    Hi Diksha,
    Congratulation for your success.
    Well done!


    hi Diksha congratz on becoming ACCA AFFILIATE :)


    Glad to hear about your achievement. I, myself am just two steps away to reach at the top.


    i got 60% in p6 n 50% n p7 so im affiliate aswell…..but finding a job is as difficult as passing exams


    @hamza dar , very true , now the real journey starts!


    Cogratulations and well done from cyprus.


    Congratz.. Working & Studying is always is always a challenge


    Hi Diksha Congratulations! Which country did u study and work in?

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