Reflecting on my ACCA studies before my last exam

aabnblog —  29 April 2014 — Leave a comment

Reflecting on my ACCA studies before my last exam

by ACCA student blogger Yani Shi

How time flies! I am in the last few months before I finish all my ACCA exams. I completed my master’s degree last November and I am working as an auditor now. This is my last article on the ACCA student blog, and in it I am going to reflect on my years studying ACCA and look forward to my career in finance.

I have already been studying ACCA for about five years, and I will be sitting the last paper – P5 in June. Through studying ACCA I have not only learnt professional knowledge in accounting, auditing, taxation and management, but many other things which I believe will have positive effects on my future career. I have learned critical thinking skills and various study methods that will help me adjust to new work environments and learn from practice quickly and confidently.

I started working as an auditor in an accounting firm in China two months ago. I believe what I have learnt from studying ACCA will have indirect benefits for me, as well as directly benefitting from what I have learned from the syllabus.

ACCA will help me get promotions and work as a leader in the future, either in accounting firms or in big international companies. I hope to finish the last paper successfully in June so that I can become an ACCA member as soon as possible. I know there are still many things I need to learn, so I will continue learning to keep my knowledge up to date and I will learn from practice.

The current economic climate is challenging, but there are still many opportunities out there, especially for qualified accounting professionals in China. It is crucial to equip ourselves with the relevant knowledge and skills and have an international view of business, so that we are able to survive fierce global competition. I think ACCA will help me achieve my career goals; one day I want to become a professional working at the top of a world-leading accounting firm or in an international company.


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