How important is a tuition provider on your road to success?

theaccablog —  5 August 2014 — Leave a comment


by ACCA student blogger Shahroze Naeem

Earlier last month, ACCA conducted its annual tuition provider survey. I actively took part, as usual, and so was reminded of the significance of tuition providers. Even though ACCA is a study-around-work qualification, I might not have made it this far, just as smoothly, without the help of my tutors.

Although e-learning is very well the future of education, I still believe a tuition provider can contribute a lot throughout your road to success. This is why I have always relied and benefited from the company of tutors while studying for my ACCA Qualification.

1. Sharing of experiences and ideas

You might already have some tips on how to get through your next set of examinations. However, there are chances that you might be missing on other tips that are equally important. These tips can be provided by tutors who have gained experience coaching various batches of the same subject before.

All my past tutors were either ACCA members or affiliates. This means they had first-hand experience of what it’s like in the examination hall, how to tackle examination stress for each subject and many other ideas on how to get things done effectively.

2. An interactive learning experience vs. reading books and watching video lectures

With a tuition provider in place, you get to interact with people. You are far more involved in the classroom than you are while going through the study material, reference notes or video lectures all by yourself.

I remember how my tutor for Paper F4 gave us various past examples for each clause so that we would understand everything correctly.Even though these references were not included in the study material, they were still relevant. I scored an impressive mark because of his support and expertise in legal matters.

3. Tuition providers are also a doorway to future career possibilities

As I mentioned, all my tutors have either been ACCA affiliates or experienced members. They analyze each student’s performance and know where we are to excel in the near future. With them reviewing our performance carefully, we can easily evaluate our strengths and work on them to establish a sound career.

Good luck to everyone for the next examination session. Do let me know what your experience with your respective tuition provider has been like so far.

Editor’s comment: Search for an ACCA Tuition Provider here.


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