Never give up!

theaccablog —  2 September 2014 — 4 Comments


by ACCA student blogger Pantelis Fouli 

‘The discomfort of change is better than the heartbreak of complacency.’

It’s only when you feel that the pain of giving up is greater than the pain of putting in the time and effort to chase your dreams, will you be able to move on, never give up and reach new heights.

This became very clear to me about a year and a half ago, after procrastinating I had virtually given up with my ACCA studies (I had 9 papers passed up until 2001 and then quit), that I realised something had to change. I knew I would have to sit down and ask myself what I wanted out of life, re-write my goals and consider the sacrifices myself and my family will make in order for me to achieve what I wanted. The pain of having given up was too high and I knew that once I had come up with a game plan I could do this.

Since December 2012 I have successfully sat another 2 papers and passed them first time, which leaves me with 3 papers left to get one step closer to ACCA membership.

From this experience I have learnt that I would need to attend all my lectures and being 40 years old I would need extra time to absorb the material. So after each lecture I would make sure I sit down for 30 minutes and review what I had learnt. I would then put time aside on weekends (in small chunks of 30-45mins) to revise again and attempt exam questions (without using the answers as an aide).

Here are some tips for you that I find very useful:

  • make your study area just that, an area where you can study with no or minimal distractions
  • make sure you get sufficient rest
  • learn material by recalling and reciting. Simply reading text over and over again will not magically enable you to learn it.

I am sure you have read and re-read all of the above a dozen times, so I go back to my original point – ‘The discomfort of change is better than the heartbreak of complacency’.

Never give up on your goals, whatever they maybe.

Good luck!


Photo credit: Nikola Ostrun via Flickr


4 responses to Never give up!


    So motivating, Don’t quit but change!!!


    YOu are absolutely right.Pain of giving up is really too much to absorbe!

    Nicola Hlongwane 21 September 2014 at 2:33 pm

    If it was easy, everyone would be doing it! Being a Chartered Accountant is a walk in the park. But the hard work will pay off. Changing the way we not only study, but the way we also view the workload will help overcome those quit urges!
    I’m not giving up! Inspired:)


    thank you for this. I really needed this right now xxX

    People’s opinion is literally making me want to give up! but just reading your post makes me want to achieve my ACCA, my dream; because I know I can if I put my mind to it.. but I don’t know how to get away with people constantly putting me down and putting pressure on me to pass…. when people puts pressure on me and expects a lot from me I just naturally don’t feel like working towards my dream. I mean it’s my dream – why do I have to feel pressurised to achive it. And I don’t like it when they compare me with someone else …and it makes feel terrible when I don’t pass, not because I failed but because I fail to please or meet ppl’s expectation of me. I am struggling but it shouldn’t mean I am less capable of achieving it … their thoughts and opinions are turning my dream literally into nightmare :(

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