Three study habits to counter exam stress

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by ACCA student blogger Shahroze Naeem

Countering exam stress is not as easy as it seems. You need to work on both your studies as well as your mental skills to keep calm throughout the examination. I remember how at first I almost convinced myself that I would fail Paper P2 after finding out that I had to draft a Statement of Changes in Equity.

I completely stopped writing for a while and thought of a possible way out of the situation. Discovering that there was no way out but to give it a try, I finally tried to recall everything that I had studied during preparation time. I fortunately cleared Paper P2 in that very attempt, at the December 2013 session.

What I realized later was that three study habits helped me return successful that day.

Reading inspirational quotes of the day

Surrounding yourself with positive energy is very important, especially when exams are nearing. Being short-tempered, tired or exhausted when studying will not help you at all. Keep yourself calm, take some time to read inspirational quotes, and then prepare for exams. You will yourself note the difference. Two inspirational people that I liked to read about were The Dalai Lama and Muhammad Ali.

Practising timed questions each day

Another activity that helped me was practising at least one timed exam question each day. No matter what, I would keep my clock with me and practice the longest question. At first, it would seem almost impossible. However, over time, I did improve my writing speed and time my comprehension skills quite a lot.

Writing down essay-length answers, no matter how easy the question might seem

For non-native students such as me, going through the question and jotting down main points is not going to help. You need proper expression and sentence structure, something that can only be learned if you write down complete essay-length answers. If you are still reluctant to do this every day, I suggest you attempt these questions at least twice a week over the holidays.

I hope that you find these three study habits useful during your preparation for the next examinations. Let me know how these tips are working out for you. Let’s be stress-free for the next examinations.



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6 responses to Three study habits to counter exam stress


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    I must say, I do apply some of your above mentioned methods( except for reading inspirational quotes). I find that practicing timed questions, significantly improved my ability to cope with the pressure during tests. And writing essay length answers, increasing my chances of actually obtaining any marks, as one sometimes don’t always now what exactly it is that they are looking for .


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    A re-blog to welcome exam week :)

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