6 useful ‘tried and tested’ study tips from the ACCA student bloggers

theaccablog —  30 September 2014 — 1 Comment


1. “Keep yourself calm, take some time to read inspirational quotes, and then prepare for exams.” in Three study habits to counter exam stress by Shahroze Naeem.


2. “For better planning, you may want to create a consolidated schedule between your study plan and your workload in the office” in The 6 parts of self-study scheduling by Adhitya Fadriansyah.


3. “Try to keep healthy, drink lots of water, and exercise to keep the brain energised.” in How to overcome obstacles on your journey by Ng Jia Wen


4. “Practice, practice, practice. Download the past papers and answers from the ACCA website and ask your tuition provider for these too.” in 3 tips to help you pass exams first time by Elyse Burns-Hill.


5. “Don’t copy out entire sections of your notes – it’s wasting valuable time” in 10 worst study habits to avoid by Pantelis Fouli.


6. “Figure out your study methods –  it may include colours, pictures through brainstorming and mind maps” in How to prepare for exams with 1 month to go! by Naresh John.


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