How many ACCA Papers to sit at an Exam session?

theaccablog —  7 October 2014 — 7 Comments


by ACCA student blogger Adhitya Fadriansyah

“How many ACCA Papers should I sit at an Exam session?”

A friend of mine, who has recently decided to study for the ACCA Qualification, asked me the question above and it inspired me to write this article. I would like to share some factors you may need to consider before deciding how many papers to take in one exam session.

Part time student / full time student?

As a full time student you may be able to take the maximum of four papers per exam session. But if you are studying while working, you may want to think twice, or you will need to prepare yourself as much as possible, if you want to take more than two papers per exam session. When taking multiple papers in one session, a good time management is key. Make sure you cover all the materials and do lots of exam question exercise. Whatever you decide to do I always recommend using an ACCA Approved Learning Partner and the right study materials regardless whether you study part time / full time. You will find lots of useful study and revision resources on the ACCA website.

Did you claim an exemption?

At what stage did you start your ACCA journey? Did you claim exemptions from all the fundamental papers (F1-F9)? If yes, it might be a good strategy to take one professional paper first to get a good feel for the exam. That way you can adapt your strategy in the next exam session.


Even between June or December exam session, you might find a different answer depending upon how your workload will be during that particular period of the year. I would suggest you combine your study calendar with your work calendar and see how it will work out for you.

What is your goal?

Have you set your own goal on how long will it take for you to complete the ACCA exams?  Even though it will be very good if you can pass the ACCA exams as fast as possible, there is nothing wrong with making small steps and taking one paper at a time.  I have had to resit an exam several times; fortunately I am able to pass them all in my second attempt. My strategy is always to try the failed exam in the next session, that way I can carry over the precious lesson that I learned – although the hard way – in the previous sitting. Initially I am aiming to pass the entire exam in the previous June session, but because I failed two of my last paper I am now aiming to pass them all in the next December exam session.

The answer to the questions above will vary for each person. Based on my past experience, taking two papers per exam session, works perfectly for me. It does add additional pressure, but doing it this way will help me to complete the ACCA exams faster. How about you? Have you ever taken three or even four professional papers while working? How did it go? Did you pass all the papers? Look forward to hear your insight and success stories!


7 responses to How many ACCA Papers to sit at an Exam session?


    Two papers in one exam session should be a reasonable decision.


    Earlier, I started quite greedy, hopes that I can complete ACCA within 5 years.

    It was started 4 years ago when I decided to study ACCA over CIMA. Since, my fees are sponsored by the company, hence, I decided to take this challenge. At the beginning, everything goes well because the first 2 papers was in multiple choice, and I managed to pass those papers easily in one seating.

    However, the second seating was awful, my time management and discipline were not go together; I failed 2 papers in one seating. It made me to rethink what I want to achieve out of this study. Now, I take it slow, every seating I will take 1 paper so that I can concentrate to study.

    I think if you are working and at the same time do self-study will be very difficult. But, all will be rewarding I think if I manage to complete all. Nevertheless, there is an early exist as part qualified if I decided to discontinue study.

    Yes, it is a long commitment when goes for part time.


    About to embark on my journey at F1 level and will be taking two exams in June 2015


    thanks for the insight, i would want one paper @ a time considering that m working and also being a wife and a mother the pressure its just too much


    Yes i appeared in 3 and 2 papers in each session… 3 papers in a session was tough for me… all relates to time management and proper planning that will lead to success… and yes PRACTICE, PRACTICE AND PRACTICE!!!


    Iam Accountant & Iwish learn AccA,
    what advice me?


    Thanks Bro,
    Its really make me to think hard, before enrolling myself for the exams.

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