Three tips to make your revision time fun and fruitful

theaccablog —  25 November 2014 — 2 Comments


by ACCA student blogger Shahroze Naeem

In my last post, I gave three effective tips to manage your study time. Now that your study time has been well-utilized, all you are left with is less than a month at most to revise everything. If you are sitting three or four exams you know what it’s like to revise such a lengthy course. It simply isn’t possible. And who doesn’t find revisions boring?

Here are three tips to make your revision time fun and fruitful.

1. Stick notes around the house and initiate a hunt each day

This exercise is quite fun, and of course an excellent way to help you remember things during the exam when you’re under such pressure. Use sticky notes to make very brief bullet points for the parts of the syllabus you find relatively harder to get by. Stick them around your house. One on the fridge, another one in the dressing room, one can be in the dining. Have one in the kitchen too! Oh, don’t forget the laundry.

Write the place for note 2 on the first sticky note so that you can go to the second note once you’re done with note 1. Write the place for note 3 on the second note, and so on. Each day, complete the hunt. Make sure that you complete it.

Not only will this make revision more fun – in the exam hall, you’ll know which part of the syllabus you had placed in the kitchen, which chapter was resting in the dining room and which one was placed in the lounge.

2. Make poems if you get bored

Who doesn’t find it tedious and boring to revise the already-studied syllabus? If you’re facing the same problem, befriend music and poetry. You will make your student life a lot easier. Studying for Paper P2, I would make poems for different parts of the syllabus that had long sequences, lengthy answers or areas which had multiple laws/standards governing the issue.

This doesn’t just make it fun, but also easier to get by and remember for a long time after. I still remember my poems, to be honest.

3. Revision time does NOT equal to study time

I have seen students spending the whole day sitting in the same place just revising everything. Relax! You already have studied everything. The key to effective revision is to take it lightly. During study time, I usually sit in a continuous 3-4 hour stretch followed by a short break.

During revision time, however, things are a lot different. I already know what I am to study. Therefore, I only revise for 15-20 minutes followed by a break of the equal amount of time. The key is not to worry. You only have a few days left. Take it easy.

Good luck to all of those sitting exam in the December sitting. Let me know if these simple and fun revision tips helped you in any way to ensure exam success.

Photo credit: Harry via Flickr


2 responses to Three tips to make your revision time fun and fruitful

    Imtiaz Md. Arafeen 26 November 2014 at 5:52 pm

    Interesting ones


    Thanks for sharing. Definitely will try it

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