Motivation advice: From one ACCA student to another

theaccablog —  20 January 2015 — Leave a comment


by ACCA student blogger Pantellis Fouli

Hello everyone. This is my first ACCA student blog article of 2015. So I start with this. As the time nears for our ACCA exam results to be announced we need a clear vision of what we will do in each scenario. Of course by now I would hope you are with assumption that you WILL pass thus you’re already on your second week of study with your new ACCA paper.

ACCA, as life is in general it’s all about making a decision, a plan and sticking to it. There is no stand still, we DON’T wait to see what IF. We are fortunate to be on the way to an exceptional professional qualification thus if we encounter some stumbling blocks on the way, we deal with them.

This time of the year everyone has their new year resolutions written out and they are giving it their best shot, I would say differentiate from the rest, be willing to do what only 5% of the people are willing to do to get the results only 5% of the population has, make that ONE new year’s resolution that has ties with ACCA and stick to it

This may be if you ALWAYS leave studying last minute, don’t, draw up a plan and STICK TO IT, and honour promises to yourself. We would not lie to our loved ones would we, why would we lie to our self-time and time again by breaking these promises!

Soft skills are so very important, not only for ACCA, but for your career path in general. You should make it a point to leave everyone better than what you found them, this means add value to everyone’s life that comes across your path, and this will enrich the lives of others and yours too. These soft skills can be learnt through books, courses or mentors and it’s a highly valuable investment.

Till next time….


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