Study smart: Consider external factors beyond your ACCA paper

theaccablog —  28 January 2015 — 3 Comments


by ACCA student blogger Tim Chippindall

Exams and studying cause people stress, there’s no getting away from the pressures, especially when this is amplified by juggling a full time job and social life as well. The onus for me is working smart. I’m approaching my study’s not just as a topic I need to learn, understand and apply but digging deeper and trying to understand and develop, how, why, when and with what I learn most effectively and efficiently. A number of sources suggest that one of the best resources for exam success is practice questions and that’s an excellent tip. It prepares you for the style of question you are going to be asked, and really helps to underpin your knowledge. I think however more thought is required before you dive right into practise questions about what kind of style of learning is best for you.

I learn best in quiet environments. I can’t just pick up my books and 10 seconds later be studying. I need a separate space and I also enjoy listening to music while I study. All these needs are important. Studying takes up a lot of your free time and it’s important to reward yourself by providing you with what you need to make the most of it. Personally I make maximum use of my local library, which is heavily populated by people studying professional qualifications!

The idea of this blog post is to make people aware that not everything about studying is in the book in front of you. Some aspects go far beyond, and understanding these eternal factors makes it much easier for students. I always make sure that I keep distractions to a minimum and it’s really important that I’m in the mood for studying. It’s very easy to finish work and convenience yourself that you’re not in the mood for study however. Having a routine helps and also having your comfortable environment is a great tactic to avoid procrastination.

Although people feel the benefit of reward after they have finished a study session take time to give you the best chance and reward yourself for making the time to study, by giving yourself the correct tools you need, whatever they may be!




3 responses to Study smart: Consider external factors beyond your ACCA paper


    (learn ) , (understand ) and (apply ) ………………… Tks for the tips.


    It is more about balancing the time more effectively and efficiently


    This is a very nice and informative post i am very helpful from your post. Thanks for share it.

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