Introducing ACCA student blogger Mukund Agarwal

theaccablog —  5 February 2015 — 3 Comments


by ACCA student blogger  Mukund Agarwal

Hey guys, please allow me to introduce myself to you as I hope we shall soon be interacting in the upcoming months. My name is Mukund Agarwal. I am 21 years of age and am currently working in an accounting and advisory firm in the United Arab Emirates while studying for my ACCA Qualification. My leisure-time activities mainly include two things – reading up on a lot of fraud related news and playing and watching a lot of football.

Initially, for my first six papers I self-studied and let’s just say it didn’t quite work out as well as expected. Having learnt from my mistake I decided that going forward studying with an Approved Learning Partner (ALP) would be the most appropriate course. As of now, I have happily passed eight papers and recently sat my next four in the December 2014 session.

I guess I have always had an interest in the accountancy field, particularly forensic accounting. At a young age, I liked to read detective fiction such as Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie books; as well as watching and helping my dad a forensic accountant at work which only served to pique my interest further. But how to get there? The answer lay in the second word of ‘forensic accountant’. This set the ball rolling towards me starting my ACCA Qualification.

Why ACCA? Why not any other accounting qualification? Many reasons actually, the foremost being its prestigious standing among other qualification bodies in the world and respect and adulation awarded to its members. This, coupled with the flexibility and ease of studying for the exams made it a sure fit for me and thousands of others. Furthermore, an aspect of ACCA that I personally admire is its unparalleled focus on ethics and integrity of its members. These crucial facets of any professional are drilled into your heads in every paper to produce an outstanding and exemplary individual, in a personal and a professional way.

All of the above combined with the ever increasing demand in the market for qualified accounting individuals and lo and behold, you have a perfect qualification, both demanding and reputed, that will ensure your success at any point in your career path.

The immediate outlook for my future includes a priority to become an ACCA member as soon as I can, thereby opening many more doors so I can further my professional development and eventually achieve my goal of becoming a leading fraud investigation professional.

I feel very proud being a part of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants and even prouder to be part of this elite group of bloggers who have been given an opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with the ACCA world at large. I look forward to a productive partnership and am always willing to help out, in my own little way, anyone in need of assistance.


3 responses to Introducing ACCA student blogger Mukund Agarwal


    Hi Mukund,

    Congratulations on having your blog being posted by ACCA. Even bigger congratulations on passing another four exams together in December. I am so looking forward to seeing your next success. All the best, Girish.


    Great Journey!!


    Hey Mukund, ..
    I am an ACCA student too.. And a BCOM Graduate… I have been finding it quite difficult in understanding concepts and all that.. which has just resulted in me failing all my exams I have attempted till date.. I feel blank and don’t really understand things..Please help..And a big congratulations for successful journey till date.. Thanks in advance for your help…god bless..

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