The results are out… so what next?

theaccablog —  10 February 2015 — Leave a comment


by ACCA student blogger Kevin Bradfield

Many of you may be celebrating the results you got for the December 2014 exams, if so congratulations! However, many are not and may feel that the results were not a reflection of their performance. If this is the feeling, then ACCA has an Adminstrative Review process for remarking which students may opt to use. There is a cost for this service though.

However, it may be necessary to reflect on what went wrong and led to failure.

1. Don’t start studying too late

Students often wait too late to begin studying. In fact many students wait for the release of exam results to determine their next move. Practicing this habit only leaves approximately three and a half months to study and revise which is quite short, which means you spend around 2 months doing nothing while you wait. I encourage you to start studying about 3 weeks after sitting exams.

2. Practicing past papers

This is a must. Practicing past papers gives you the feel of questions asked and helps to familiarize you with the type of question being used. After attempting a question take a look at the answers to see how the questions are actually answered. The answers are quite comprehensive, so don’t be bogged down with the answers, just think about the style of the answers. I find that practicing all the past papers on the ACCA website helps, as it covers the whole syllabus.

I suggest that question practice should take up most of your preparation time. I often find that I can’t adequately answer a past question even though I studied the study text thoroughly.

3. Know the Syllabus

One of the best ways to overcome nerves in the exam hall is to know the syllabus. There is no better feeling than to know every question on the exam paper. Doing this allows you to keep composed and answer the questions efficiently.

Good luck for the future.


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