Withstanding the turbulence – choosing the right options

theaccablog —  25 February 2015 — Leave a comment


by ACCA student blogger Adhitya Fadriansyah

Hello everyone, this is my first student blog for 2015.

I am working in the oil and gas industry and the fall of oil and gas prices has had a lot of impact on the company financials, since late last year. Believe it or not, this is where having a professional accounting qualification will come in handy.

In a low energy price environment, independent Oil and Gas Companies will experience significant pressure to be able to survive through the cycle. As an accountant we need to be able to provide management with adequate and appropriate data and information in order to help them make a well informed decision. In addition to providing data, helping the company by generating ideas to improve business process, either by eliminating redundancy or increasing efficiency, will also be critical.

So, if you are a financial accountant, you might consider taking P4, Advanced Financial Management and P5, Advanced Performance Management as your option papers. When choosing your option papers, bear in mind how it might help you in your career and how to apply your knowledge in your workplace. Remember that ACCA Qualification is not only about the exam paper, but it is also about how you can apply the knowledge gained throughout your career.

In conclusion, it is never too late and certainly never a bad mistake to pursue a professional accounting qualification. Whatever your background or industry might be, whether being an auditor in a public accountant firm or being a company accountant, the knowledge gained through pursuing the ACCA Qualification will aid you in your career journey.


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