Exam practice: get the best from your revision

theaccablog —  17 March 2015 — Leave a comment


by ACCA student blogger Timothy Chippindall

There are plenty of resources available to you as an ACCA student. The Internet can provide resources relevant to our studies and these often give us different perspectives from our normal textbooks. As with any syllabus there are different ways to teach, thus allowing for different teaching and learning methods. All of these different ways of learning help but we do need to keep mindful the examining body. ACCA are the body setting the questions and they are very much in the driving seat. This led me in my recent studies to “home in” on the style and type of question I would be expecting in my exams. I found the natural progression from this train of thought was past papers.

There is much more than meets the eye to the myACCA portal. The resources available can help a student focus on applying the knowledge they have learnt, understanding not only the question that may be asked by also gaining a insight into the approach of exams questions. I found it was helpful in the context of studying because I was able to examine the question while not under exam pressure and really get to the root of the question being asked. I can then also see the structure, taking into account how much one question is asking on one topic, or if the question is broader and I am expected to apply knowledge on various topics to obtain full marks. This kind of practical approach can really open up the mind to understanding where the bulk of the marks are going to come from.

I recently took and passed the Corporate and Business Law Paper (F4). One of the ingredients for my success was down to the past papers, but more importantly the detailed feedback I received from using the Practice Test, which can be purchased through myACCA.

This was the first time I have used the Practice Tests and going forward will definitely use again. I cannot stress enough after having used this how useful it was. Particularly for anyone taking the multiple choices CBE based exams. You take the online assessment, which is exactly the same as taking the actual live exam. Once the exam is complete you submit and again as per the real thing you are given a mark. What follows next is the best part. You are provided with detailed feedback on how well you did on each topic area, details of topic or topics the question was asking for and percentages of correctly answered questions, with a simple traffic light colour scheme showing you areas you are excelling at, areas your currently at pass rate for and areas you need to improve on.

This type of resource really is invaluable. It is well put together; it tailors itself to your needs and really gives you direction for your studies. Would I recommend? You bet!




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