Ng Jia Wen

Jia Wen Ng ACCA student blogger

Ng Jia Wen
ACCA student

Jia Wen is based in Malaysia and is an ACCA student who underwent the transition from CAT to Foundations in Accountancy. Jia Wen is half way through her ACCA exams and studies with a tuition provider, attending face-to-face sessions.

Aside from studying ACCA, Jia Wen enjoys writing about her perspective and experience – such as book, movie and food reviews (food reviews being a speciality). She is also very passionate about football.


7 responses to Ng Jia Wen


    very inspired by your blog….keep sharing tips…:)


    any favourite foods?


      Hi Edison.

      (I am assuming that you are not a Malaysian, but if you are, then you will understand what I am saying then!) Well, it has to be Assam Laksa. The sour, spicy broth from the pineapples, chilli, that minty feeling from mint leaves added as a garnish, added with flakes of fish (probably salmon or something else which I am not too sure), leaving you with something similar to a fish stew, added with fresh rice noodles. Yes, it makes my mouth waters just describing the dish. Penang is famous for Assam Laksa. So if you happen to be there, do try it out!


    hi jiawen. im on my way to apply myacca. i would like to have your valuable advise.
    im working. may i know where did you take your exam? thanks in advance for the reply.

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