Pantelis Fouli

Pantelis FouliPantelis Fouli
ACCA student and Chief Accountant, Diplomat Distributors

Pan once studied in the UK for a short time, but is based in Cyprus and studies ACCA part-time around full-time work. At 38, Pan is a little older than the average student and so has a slightly different story to tell of his ACCA experience.

Pan is married with two children – which keeps him busy. Besides his family commitments, he is passionate about helping others and cares particularly about issues such as education, children, health and environment – having worked as a volunteer for an educational charity.


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    I just wanted to say that your blog on ‘a day in the life of a part time student’ struck a chord with me.

    I am also married with 2 children and work full time (and very recently the wrong side of 35). I sat the F6 exam in June (waiting nervously for the results next month!) and my youngest is 6 months old. The 2 previous exams to this I sat whilst I was pregnant and at points very poorly with morning sickness!

    I really enjoy reading about the students who attain the highest grades in the exams and how they obtained them but sometimes can’t help the questions that go through my head of ‘do you work full-time? do you have a family? how much cooking, cleaning, washing do you also have to do along with studying? do you have a social life outside ACCA?’

    I don’t think these blog posts inspire me as although I have and always will try my best I’m never going to get top marks in my exams as I have a lot of other commitments. Your blog post has shown me that least there are others out there in a similar situation.

    And to anyone else reading this I would say that it is possible to do it – have family, work full time and study for ACCA. You need – a huge amount of support and understanding from your loved ones, the most honed of organisation skills, the ability to study anywhere and the ability to cut yourself some slack when the going gets tough and you are reading ‘motivational’ tips from the high achievers.

    It is totally worth the journey I have been on so far and continue on (fingers and toes crossed) and I can’t wait to be qualified so that I can return the support (financial and emotional) to my family.

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