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Blog editor’s introduction: Ng Jia Wen is a full-time ACCA student based in Malaysia. This week we asked her to share tips with fellow students about making the most of time after receiving exam results and starting the new semester. Her main answer is about working part-time whilst she is embarking on her final semester. So in this article she explains the benefits of taking on a job in-between studying – aside from earning the extra bit of money of course! 

by ACCA student blogger Ng Jia Wen

  1. Stay busy; avoid procrastination

Time is tide and waits for no man. Rather than sitting at home and do nothing productive all day, go out and do something meaningful with the time you have, while you are still young and able. For me, having a part-time job while studying requires me to cut back on leisure time, and reduces the likelihood that I will postpone doing important and urgent matters to another day, simply because I will be working another day!

  1. Gain transferable skills

As most of you who are working in full or part-time jobs, you will definitely say that working is nothing like how textbooks describe, whether it is a job relating to accounting or otherwise. Working puts you in situations that you have never encountered while studying, and helps you grow your emotional intelligence.This experience will also help you gain many transferable skills that will show employers you have communication and team working abilities. All of which can enable you to get a relevant accounting or finance-related role in the future, so you can achieve your Practical Experience Requirement (PER) in order to become an ACCA member.

  1. Keep active, mentally

Ever wondered why does holding a pen feels funny or experience the dazzling confusion on the first day you get back to class? Brain function deteriorates over time while it is inactive, so a part-time job helps keep the noggin at work so I’m more prepared when I get back to class when the holidays end.

That is all from me for now. Still sitting at your computer desk? Why not go out and do something meaningful?

Until the next time, study smart and take care of your health!

Photo credit: Steven Depolo via Flickr



By ACCA student blogger Diksha Jeswani

The best thing about studying the ACCA Qualification is its accessibility. The fact that it can be pursued anywhere in the world makes it an attractive qualification for students. But as there are so many tuition providers around the world, it’s sometimes difficult to judge who you should study with, which is where ACCA’s Approved Learning Partners (ALPs) scheme steps in.

I study with an ACCA Approved Learning Partner in the UAE – and the best part of it is the support that they extend to their students. Topics are explained with clarity, which really helps, not only in relation to approaching exam questions with confidence, but also in terms of applying knowledge to workplace scenarios and so helping us to fulfill our Practical Experience Requirements (PER) objectives. By using examples and posing problems from real life scenarios, our tutors manage to effectively bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application.

Another advantage of studying at my Approved Learning Partner (ALP) is that they keep me on track with my study goals. They advise on what stage of preparation I should be at, by what time.  They also create an environment conducive to study by offering good facilities. My ALP has a comprehensive library, classrooms free for when we need a place to study and high quality tuition that helps us understand even difficult areas of the syllabus.

My experience with my ACCA tutors has been really positive. They have helped me pass all my exam papers first time by always giving me extra time and guidance if there is something I don’t understand.

It’s been a great experience interacting with fellow students from similar backgrounds. My classmates have helped me learn from their experiences and I find it really useful to discuss any questions I have from our classes with them. I feel my peers have positively contributed my personal and professional growth.

All in all, I would definitely advise my fellow students to study with an Approved Learning Partner for a quality learning experience. You can search the tuition provider directory on the ACCA website to find one in your country.