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by ACCA student blogger Pantelis Fouli

The interesting thing about life lessons is that you don’t learn them until after the event.So if you’ve been knocked down after a not so great result, it’s time to dust yourself down and move on.

Here are 10 of the worst study habits to avoid to help you prepare for your next exams:

  1. Having your mobile phone on
    Study time is meant for just that. Make it clear to your loved ones that for these few hours, unless the house is on fire, you should not be bothered. A mobile phone is a terrible distraction. Switch it off!
  1.  Environment
    I once had a lady in my class who could put on her headphones, crank up the music and study. She passed all her exams. BUT I have a feeling that she is in the minority. Make sure your study environment is without distractions, quiet, and that the climate is just right.
  1. Cramming in too much data
    Not to sound political, because I am not, but a lecturer once said to me, ‘Why do you think that X party is so successful?’ His answer was ‘Because the day after the elections, they start again.’ So don’t cram months of lectures into a week of learning. Work through it methodically.
  1.  Don’t get overwhelmed
    A lecturer once asked us, ‘How do you eat an elephant?’ we all looked at him, looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders. He answered, ‘Bit by bit.’ Don’t get overwhelmed by all the information you have, thinking that you HAVE to learn it all immediately.
  1. Looking at the practice answer before attempting to answer the practice question
    Best practice is: read over your notes, the requirement, and the passage, attempt to write as much as possible, then use your notes as a supplement, then look at the answer. I guarantee that the second time you attempt the questions you will not need your notes or the answer.
  1. Procrastination: I’ll do it tomorrow, I’ll do it later. Guys – make a timetable and stick to it. The “pain of sitting revising for a few hours and sticking to your timetable is a lot less pain than you will feel later down the line when you have months of lectures to learn in a week.
  1. Reconstructing all your notes
    Flash Cards are great for remembering key points on a subject. Don’t copy out entire sections of your notes – it’s wasting valuable time. Learn the basics and your studying will be complete after you answer practice questions, questions and more questions.
  1. Having a heavy meal
    Having a heavy meal before study is not recommended. You will feel uncomfortable and agitated. Your body as well as your mind both need to be in the right frame. So have a light meal, wait a little time to digest it – and then hit the books.
  1. Pulling all-nighters
    We are human; we need to rest, enjoy the company of our loved ones, go to work, and fulfil our obligations. Planning a study session that will require you to study all night, or most of the night is a plan for failure. The secret is to plan ahead, a sound plan goes a long way.
    This is not a study tip, or something to be avoided, but I would like to leave you with this message; there are no failures, only outcomes. Maybe that outcome was not what you expected, but that makes it even more important than ever to believe in yourself. You can achieve anything you put your mind to.

Remember, the sky is NOT the limit, but the stars are.

Till next time.