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by ACCA student blogger Shahroze Naeem

Lots of students today face a shortage of time to study and prepare for exams. When I was preparing to take four exams last December, I had the same issue. Knowing I would have to come up with a plan, I decided to use the following three tips to draft an effective study schedule:

1. Prioritizing the subjects

There is always that one subject which is harder than the rest. If you too feel you need to devote more time to a particular subject, prioritize it for the first three months of your preparation time. Study more of it and try to go through the complete subject syllabus within those three months.

This will help restore your confidence and provide you ample time to revise the tougher bits of that subject in the last three months. Now that the tougher subject is prepared, you can focus on the other subject(s) in the second half (the last three months) of your preparation time.

2. Prioritizing the hobbies

I had a lot of activities going on with friends, family and relatives. When I decided to sit four exams, I knew I wouldn’t have time to enjoy all those activities. I decided to prioritize what mattered most. I came up with a well-defined schedule that clearly stated what I could do during the week without harming my study schedule.

A lot of ACCA students make study schedules, but our hobbies are just as much related to our exam success as our preparation for the exams. It is time you define what matters most for you and get to enjoy those hobbies.

3. Having a study buddy

I prepared for my exams along with my sister and therefore we both were on the same page. We decided to be study buddies and help each other by sharing useful notes, tips and little tidbits of information that were important with each other. There is loads of information in our study texts, and missing even the slightest bit can contribute to failure. With a study buddy, chances of missing anything are reduced.

This helped me and my sister a lot and we were very confident regarding our exam success when the time came.

Good luck with your studies.


If you don’t have a study buddy, why not join the ACCA Learning Community and link up with other students studying for exams and share your tips and ideas for successful revision.


Six effective study tips

soramsey —  22 January 2014 — 13 Comments


by ACCA student blogger Elyse Burns-Hill

1. Shake things up

Changing the places that you work can actually help you recall. Your brain works by spatial connections; so you will naturally remember things based on where you were at the time that you learnt something.

2.  Make flash cards

Reducing information that you need to know into something short and sweet will make it easier to remember. If you can, draw funny pictures to complement the information you need to know – again using pictures to remember uses your spatial memory.

3. Keep testing yourself

When you do practice questions, don’t use the books every time. Try doing it yourself with bullet points, then go back and see what you missed. You’ll learn a lot quicker this way.

4.  Sleep

Staying awake all night consuming caffeine will not help you learn. In fact, it will do just the opposite. Make sure you get enough sleep as it ensures your brain resets itself and has enough energy to keep up with all that you are learning.

5. Get rid of distractions

Mobile phones are the worst, especially if you have a smart phone with Facebook or Twitter – turn it off! At the very least put it on silent (turn vibrate off as well) and put it upside down on your desk.  If you let things distract you constantly, it prevents you from entering that “study zone” as I like to call it. Try to prevent, remove and block out any kind of distraction that might affect you while you study.

6. Mindset

This is probably the most important thing that you can do for yourself when studying.  Put yourself in the right place in your head. You aren’t studying because you have to; you are studying because you want to. Figure out why you are doing these exams and why you want to pass. Get yourself fired up to want to pass.

Please share your tips on how you study effectively in the comments below.