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by ACCA student blogger Shahroze Naeem

If you didn’t pass your exams, then it’s understandable that the recent failure you suffered has affected your morale. Some of us might even be thinking about a possible Plan B. But failure is not about giving up.

The essence of failure is in defining victory. After all, if we did not fail from time to time, victory won’t seem so sublime, would it? If you have recently suffered from exam failure, here’s how to get your game face back on:

1. It’s just another day at the field
Even if you have failed a couple of examinations, it’s just another day at the field. Don’t make it worse on yourself by thinking about it too much. Focus on how you will make it better. It’s now that you plan the next examination session and stick to it from Day 1.

You don’t have 6 months to prepare – it’s 4 months for preparation and 2 for revision, if you intend to plan it right. If you’re studying ACCA’s professional subjects, those 4 months will actually define how well the remaining 2 will go.

2. Set your goal
The first thing on your plan should be your goal. Your goal is not to score a 50. It should be to score as much as possible. Students that wish to just cross the boundary are the ones that flunk the most. Ensure that you cross the 50-score mark by miles the next time.

3. Be confident. You don’t need a Plan B
Quitting is never an option. If you have failed, it’s time to get back up and prove you have what it takes to succeed. I have seen many students switch their professional subjects and suffer defeat time and time again. Don’t baffle around – instead, define what you want to become and pursue the relevant subject.

Re-sitting is not a bad thing. Wandering around and constantly changing your professional subjects is. Be confident and say goodbye to any Plan B.

Good luck for the next exam. More power to you all in 2015.



by ACCA student blogger Kevin Bradfield

Many of you may be celebrating the results you got for the December 2014 exams, if so congratulations! However, many are not and may feel that the results were not a reflection of their performance. If this is the feeling, then ACCA has an Adminstrative Review process for remarking which students may opt to use. There is a cost for this service though.

However, it may be necessary to reflect on what went wrong and led to failure.

1. Don’t start studying too late

Students often wait too late to begin studying. In fact many students wait for the release of exam results to determine their next move. Practicing this habit only leaves approximately three and a half months to study and revise which is quite short, which means you spend around 2 months doing nothing while you wait. I encourage you to start studying about 3 weeks after sitting exams.

2. Practicing past papers

This is a must. Practicing past papers gives you the feel of questions asked and helps to familiarize you with the type of question being used. After attempting a question take a look at the answers to see how the questions are actually answered. The answers are quite comprehensive, so don’t be bogged down with the answers, just think about the style of the answers. I find that practicing all the past papers on the ACCA website helps, as it covers the whole syllabus.

I suggest that question practice should take up most of your preparation time. I often find that I can’t adequately answer a past question even though I studied the study text thoroughly.

3. Know the Syllabus

One of the best ways to overcome nerves in the exam hall is to know the syllabus. There is no better feeling than to know every question on the exam paper. Doing this allows you to keep composed and answer the questions efficiently.

Good luck for the future.

Prepare for results day

by ACCA student blogger Shahroze Naeem

I’m confident many of us are eagerly waiting for 8 February so we can find out how well we did. Meticulous exam preparation will pay off for some, while others would have to try their luck the next time around.

I did not sit any examinations this session, so I don’t have to worry about anything :)

As for those waiting for the result day, here’s what you should be doing right about now:

1. Expect the best, prepare for the worst

This is easier said than done. No one will actually consider the worst case scenario. My question is, why? Why can’t we consider that we have a 50% chance of failing as well? Being optimistic about something is a different thing – considering the realities of a situation is something else.

No matter how hard we try, the rate of passing is always going to be 50%. Therefore, let’s prepare ourselves if things don’t go according to plan. Make a backup study schedule for yourself and keep your notes with you until the result day. Ensure that you make a thorough plan to appear for the next examination session so you can succeed the next time.

2. Work on preparation loopholes

Preparing for exams, there are always some areas that we fail to cover effectively no matter what. You should keep a keen eye on those areas because they need the most amount of practice if you have to reappear.

Have everything ready before the result day takes you over with a surprise and you then find out you have to begin with scratch. These loopholes can be eliminated if someone is reappearing and you will therefore stand a brighter chance of not only passing, but passing with an impressive score.

3. Doctor says, take your daily dose of positivity 

Reading at least 5 motivational quotes or 2 pages off an inspiring book daily will help you change your point of view regarding failure. With a positive approach at reality, you will be so much better off. Failing with a score of 49 is not a bad thing – you just have to work hard enough to deserve that 1 extra mark.

Do let me know in the comments section how your waiting time is coming along and if you have any of the above in your check-list. All the best for the result day!


by ACCA student blogger Diksha Jeswani

How do you put into words the feeling you get when you finally receive your results? The frenzy of anticipation and the numbness of actually getting the results culminate into a feeling of overwhelming exhilaration and relief when you actually know that you have secured a pass.

For me, this was the end of a fantastic journey; the exam results I received this time were my last for ACCA. I finally qualified as an ACCA affiliate, and managed to do so by passing all of my papers at the first attempt.

It now gives me a sense of immense pride, to be able to say I am an affiliate. Nonetheless, the path to it was like a crazy rollercoaster ride, with a seemingly endless cycle of studying, exams, work and the waiting for results. But the happy ending had made all that worth it!

I think what really helped me to achieve this was the support provided to me by my Approved Learning Partner where I got my ACCA tuition. They made concepts clear and provided guidance on the way to approach the exams.

Also, an important piece of advice I would like to give my fellow students is – be dedicated to what you do, and plan your time well. Even more so than passing the exams, it is essential that the fundamental concepts are understood properly.

Working at the same time as taking the ACCA exams might seem too daunting a prospect to some, but for me, this worked fantastically well. As I was with an ACCA Approved Employer, Crowe Horwath, my firm was very supportive of me pursuing the qualification, and I also got a lot of support from my colleagues in actually applying theoretical concepts to a practical scenario.

It has been a fantastic journey, and I hope to be contributing positively to the profession with my qualification in the future.