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By ACCA student blogger Ng Jia Wen

From the moment we are born, we are destined to travel a winding, bumpy road. Many a time, you will encounter a speed bump, a roadblock or even a detour.

As a regular person, I encounter setbacks once in a while. My most recent one was this semester; I failed exam P2 – Corporate Reporting. This was the first academic paper that I have failed in my life. (I’m not kidding – the 2 other exams that I failed were practical exams that do not relate to my education.)

Failing for the first time was devastating. I anticipated it from the moment I finished the exam, so I was mentally prepared. But failing P2 would mean that I can no longer call myself a ‘straight passer’.

Though this label might seem snobbish or egoistic, I grew up in an Asian culture where we thrive on success – especially academic success and especially when you’re young. So how did I manage to climb back up from here? I did a few things, which I will explain.

Step 1: Cry with all your heart

Being a toughie on the outside, very few people had the chance to see me bawl my eyes out. Fortunately (or unfortunately), on the day of my results, I was away for a holiday with my family.

In Asia we are told that it is shameful to cry as it exudes weakness. And I was taught from a young age not to show to ‘outsiders’ (outside of our family), that I am weak.

Crying, no matter how vulnerable you think it may make you look, is good for the soul. The moment I came back from my holiday, I locked myself in my room and cried my eyes out. But after a good cry, strangely enough, you will stop wallowing in self pity and feel a great sense of relief.

Step 2: If you aren’t brave enough to face your fears yet, don’t

I am rather blessed. The sequencing of the ACCA exam papers means that I will not need to re-sit P2 in the next exam session. Moreover, I have the option to take P2 alone, as my friends are re-siting it now.

Step 3: Move on

Life goes on, after all. It is pointless to continue brooding over a small aspect of your life when there is a whole journey ahead of you still.

After brooding and seething for a month, I then diverted my attention to joys in life like writing for the ACCA student blog, learning how to draw, playing music again. All of this helped me not feel so bitter, hurt and defeated any more. I learned to love studying again, not for the sake of passing exams, but for the sake of learning.

Sometimes, a break from your studies will help if you have considered all other options. Sometimes a gap year or semester can do wonders for your emotional well-being.

I hope my real-life story will inspire you to climb back up and continue striving for the upcoming exam sitting.


Reflecting on the last year

soramsey —  15 August 2013 — 3 Comments

by ACCA student blogger Naresh John

Hey everyone!  It’s that time of the year again… exam results time! It’s a time that some of us dread, but it is inevitable. We all hope that we are successful in our exams. This period also makes you reflect on your journey so far, as well as looking ahead to what the future holds.

For me personally, as someone who studies part-time, it has been a year filled with ups and downs both as an ACCA student and as a professional.  As a student, the highlight of this past year for me was being informed that I came top of my region (the Caribbean) for my exam mark in Paper F4 – Corporate and Business Law. I scored 90 marks in this exam and it truly came as a surprise for me that I was the local top achiever. I was overwhelmed by this – it really renewed my belief in myself.

Professionally, this year was quite pleasing as I was acknowledged by superiors for skills that I possess, which lead to me taking on more responsibilities. It made me feel a sense of pride and importance in what I do.

Life is a rollercoaster, and so I also did encounter some bumps along the way. One such encounter occurred in my studies this past term where I was pursuing the paper P2 – Corporate Reporting. As some of you may know, that paper is quite voluminous! During the course of the term I got demotivated, didn’t show much interest and so I fell behind in my studies.

I picked myself up though. With about two months to go till the exam, I did a lot of work, inspired by the mark I got in F4. I pushed myself to the limit and prepared myself for the exam as best I could. The day of the exam, I vowed never to let myself be overcome like that again…

Looking forward to the upcoming year, I first await to receive my results for the P2 paper (let’s hope for the best) and in the December exam sitting I will attempt paper P1. As far as my career goes, I am looking to shift professions to one in which I can apply the learning from my ACCA studies as I feel that I have matured significantly.

I hope this blog post triggers you all to engage in some reflection too, as I believe that it’s not just our brain that is required in exams, but also a clear mind and a healthy body.

Till next time fellow students, God bless!