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by ACCA student blogger Kevin Bradfield

Hi, I’m Kevin and I am a self-motivated individual.

I chose accountancy as a career as it’s my passion. I’ve always wanted to experience what it’s like in the accounting field, so what better career to have.

I chose to study for my accountancy qualification with ACCA, as the qualification has worldwide recognition. Their rigorous and demanding exams ensures that one is well prepared to apply one’s knowledge to real world situations. Having the qualification sends a signal to employees that you are a professional.

I am currently at professional level of the ACCA Qualification. I sat two exams at the December 2014 session and am currently waiting for the results, so wish me luck! If I successfully pass those I will only have one exam left to go.

My aspiration is to become a member of ACCA and become colleagues with some of the best finance minds in the world. My long-term goal though is to become a CFO of one of the conglomerates in Jamaica.


My name is Shahroze Naeem and I am the latest addition to this wonderful community of ACCA student bloggers. I completed my O level and A-Level qualifications in a span of 3 years, after which I decided to move forward and pursue my career as a professional accountant.

Choosing Accountancy – from being a future engineer to being an intern at the Stock Exchange

I perfectly remember how at first, I used to love science, especially Physics. I was not that much of a genius at school – just an average student who was irritated by early morning alarm clock bells, who was punished at school for not being attentive most of the times, and, most importantly, who was in love with Physics.

At just the age of 15, I went to the stock exchange as an intern because my father had good relations with an issuing house there. He wanted me to explore the hidden opportunities the corporate sector had to offer to me.

This span of 6 months quoting share prices, being guided and scolded by the house’s owner on tiny mistakes, and maintaining long-distance relationships with international clients proved to be the defining moments of my professional life.


That’s when I picked Business Studies, Economics and Accounting as my subjects in O and A Levels. I had heard about ACCA before, and after my father’s recommendation, I decided that I would opt for ACCA in the near future.

Being affiliated with ACCA is a privilege of being tagged by a prestigious accountancy body. It signifies our brilliant minds and makes us stand out in the crowd.

ACCA makes me feel like I belong to a family of professional accountants, and that is the reason why I wanted to write for the ACCA student blog.

Measuring the miles travelled

I have taken Papers F8, F9, P1 and Paper P2 in the December 2013 session. If all goes well as planned, I will be an affiliate by the end of June 2014. Looking back at how far I have come, it all seems not real. I never thought working at the Stock Exchange would make me review my decision about my future.

Standing at the 4-way intersection – where am I headed in the near future?

I definitely see myself as an auditor in the near future. I believe Audit provides you with the challenges and the space to grow and become a skilled and qualified professional. I am also interested in the fields of Performance Management and Corporate Law, but because Audit provides me with just the right exposure to practice my skills over a far larger spectrum (or so I believe). I would love to be a part of a Big Four firm one day.

Hallo everyone! My name is Adhitya Fadriansyah, I am a 26-year-old Indonesian married to a beautiful woman and blessed with a 21-month-old son. I am currently pursuing the ACCA Qualification while working as an Offshore Investment Appraisal Analyst at ConocoPhillips Indonesia. Futsal and football are my favourite sports and I am a big fan of Juventus Football club. During my leisure time, I love to play games and keep up to date with the latest developments in technology/gadgets.

My parents have been persuading me to pursue accounting as a career path since I was in elementary school. Even in my elementary school year book I wrote that my goal is to become an accountant – even though I did not know what accounting really was at that time, to be honest! :) Later on I understood how important the role of accountant is to the well being of a company, not only for record keeping but also for providing valuable information to the decision makers, to help the company achieve its strategic objectives.

Although I was influenced by my parents to pursue an accounting degree, I made the decision to pursue ACCA myself. I chose ACCA because it is a globally-recognised professional qualification. I believe ACCA will give me the strong foundations I need to compete in a competitive global market.

I have always dreamed of obtaining international experience and becoming a global citizen, being able to help others and develop my nation – as well as the accounting profession. In the end, I would like to make my elementary school year book goal come true – by becoming a full-fledged accountant. As Walt Disney once said, ‘All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.’

Greetings from a sunny Cyprus. My name is Pan Fouli. I am 38-year-old Greek/Cypriot married to a fantastic lady and am blessed with 2 beautiful girls (9 & 3) which keep me busy.

I have always enjoyed numbers, but I guess it was the positive influence of my first accountancy teacher back in school that managed to jolt my enthusiasm. She would explain the material and weave it into every day practical examples – one that even a teenager would find intriguing, and that would fascinate me.

After graduating from the American Academy here in Larnaca Cyprus and completing my 2 years of compulsory military service, I knew ACCA would be the perfect route for me. Entry requirements of A levels and O levels (which are now GCSEs) were perfect for me and I could choose to structure my studies how I saw fit; 1 paper at a time, 4 papers at a time, studying full-time, studying part-time, working while I studied etc.

As an ambitious 19-year-old I commenced my studies. That was back in 1994, ladies and gentlemen, and here is where it gets interesting. If you do the math, why am I still a student and still on the register? Apart from all the benefits I mentioned above, ACCA requires you complete your ACCA Qualification exams within 10 years of registering to study. I was fortunate for that, for if that was not the case I would not be here with you today.

I managed to complete 9 ACCA papers till 2001 and then I stopped.  I quit. Quitting means for me, maybe attempting an exam every few years without having done your homework. Quitting means for me, paying for your exams year in year out and not turning up. That all changed last summer, fast forward to my Dec 2012 sitting – I passed my final Fundamentals exam paper F7 with a mark of 63. And I now have 4 Professional level exams to go.

Now, what happened leading up to last summer till my first pass in 11 years, I will share with you in a future blog post. And that, my friends, is my ambition going forward, to become a qualified accountant and if en route, if I am able to uplift current or potential students with my writing, even better.

Thanks for tuning in. Till next time.

Hi everyone, my name’s Mike Tye and I’m a 22-year-old ACCA student originally from the UK, but now have the pleasure of writing this from the beaches of Dubai!

I chose to go into accountancy as I have always been much better at handling numbers rather than words. That’s not to say there are no written parts to accountancy, but there’s a great deal more emphasis on your numerical skills. Plus, accounting and finance is applicable to just about any industry you can imagine. Being an international rock star may be pretty cool but at the end of the day if the money’s not there to pay for it, the show won’t go on! This leads me on to why I chose ACCA.

The main thing that appealed to me about ACCA was the international recognition it has. You could go to any major city in the world with this qualification and companies would recognise it. The flexibility of ACCA was another major persuading factor for me; I like to be able to push myself so if I find that I am getting through ACCA exams a little too easily, I know I can try for an extra exam next time. 

One final deciding point that made me commit was the cost, or lack of cost should I say! With university fees only going up and up, I didn’t really want to commit to 3 years’ worth of study and the associated costs when I could be working and gaining practical experience at the same time as studying. Add to this the loss of income for 3 years that being a full- time university student would have attracted and ACCA suddenly becomes even more enticing!

So that’s the end of my first post but thank you for reading and be sure to keep an eye out for my next one!