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by ACCA student blogger Adhitya Fadriansyah

I’m not a perfect person/
There’s many things I wish I didn’t do/
ut I continue learning…”

These lyrics really strike a chord with me and did so especially when I received my June exam results. I passed F8, but failed my first attempt at P1. Soon after, the frustration of failing one exam haunted me. But by thinking about the following sources of motivation in my life, I kept this feeling at bay.


Don’t forget the support your loved ones – parents, spouse, children, siblings or other relatives – give you, the valuable weekend time you spend reading ACCA books and preparing for exams, or perhaps the exam fees paid by your parents. Keep in mind how you will repay your family once you have completed the qualification – not in terms of goods/materials, but in terms of happiness and security.


For me, pursuing the ACCA Qualification while working proved to be helpful to my career. It provides me with the knowledge to challenge the status quo and seek improvements in my workplace. It is the journey, as well as the ACCA member title, which will help shape your future career. Enjoy the ride to the top, however rough it may be, as it is not – and will never be – an easy ride.


Reflecting on my past failure, I can see it was mostly due to lack of preparation. Finding a study partner helped me become organised and kept me on track with my study plan. I am lucky to have friends at my office also pursuing the ACCA Qualification that I can study with. Reading and writing in the ACCA student blog also helps me to keep motivated, since I know I am not alone.

Other goals

Other than those mentioned above, there are still lots of reasons for you to complete your ACCA Qualification; the opportunity of having your skills and knowledge recognised globally by employers and excellent financial reward are just a couple of examples of these. It’s up to you to decide what will motivate you the most.

I’ve found a reason for me/
To change who I used to be/
A reason to start over new/
And the reason is …

The Reason – Hoobastank

Have you asked yourself why you decided to pursue the ACCA Qualification? If not, perhaps it’s time for you to fill in the blank above.

Over 162,000 ACCA members have obtained the ACCA Qualification. If they can complete it, what’s stopping us?



by ACCA student blogger Mike Tye

During our time as ACCA students, we’ll inevitably have those amazing days where everything makes sense and you feel great about studying.  However, unless you’re superhuman then you will most probably have days which are the complete opposite, nothing makes sense, nothing you learn sinks in and you feel like giving up.

So, onto how I go about motivating myself, as let’s face it, 14 exams can seem like an impossible fantasy sometimes!

I personally am a big fan of Josh Sundquist’s  famous slogan of ‘one more thing, one more time’ shortened to ‘1MT’, and I often tell myself this when I’m getting towards the end of a study session when other things are starting to distract me and I feel like putting the books away and telling myself ‘I’ll do that tomorrow.’ But I’ve now got to the point where as soon as I think 1MT, that instantly gets me focussed again without exception. 

 If I stop my studying too soon, I will instantly feel guilty, feeling that I’ve taken the easy way out. Although that last bit of study might not be as productive as before, I’ll still have a better understanding than starting from scratch the next time.  Then I’ll often find that I end up doing a tonne more work as every time I think about finishing, I think ‘I’ll just do one last bit!’

Back onto a slightly more general point, I find that your whole lifestyle can affect your attitude towards pushing yourself.  Exercise can play a huge role in your brain’s productivity; many studies have shown that exercise produces chemicals called endorphins which basically put you in a good mood ready to take on things that may have seemed daunting before.  Not only does a dose of exercise make you feel good, it’ll help you get a good night’s sleep ready for your next day of work, it’ll help your mental endurance and it’ll improve your overall health.