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by ACCA student blogger Hafeez Adeboye

December 2013 exams are a few weeks away. Oh, how time flies! It was barely a year ago, December 2012 I was retaking my F8 and F7 papers. And in June 2013, wrote F9 and P1. Now in December 2013, I will be advancing my journey towards completing the ACCA Qualification and achieving ACCA membership.

My previous failures in my penultimate year have taught me the need for effective time management and adequate preparation. You must learn to plan your time around your life style and cultivate the discipline to stick to it.

Planning your time is one thing, managing it is another entirely. That is why you need discipline. After all, in my opinion you only need about 185 hours of study time per exam paper. This sounds like a pretty small fraction of 2,304 hours available between results release and the next exam session.

The 185 hours includes working on past exam papers, study and revision. Modest though it appears, this is actually no mean feat for a working student such as myself.

One setback I face is getting my study leave approved by my employer, because I occupy a sensitive role. So it’s sometimes hard to leave early enough to prepare for my exams. This puts a lot of pressure on my time. Discipline was what got me through. Because of it, my preparation was adequate – as my results reflected; I have not failed a single paper since.

Now I am approaching my final preparation for the December ACCA exams. Kindly join hands in wishing me good luck in my papers, as I do the same for you. I know some don’t believe in luck. Well, I do. And I wish you a lot of it in your exams.


My name is Hafeez Ademola Adeboye. I am a Nigerian family man, married with two kids.

I presently work with Capital Bancorp Plc. as the head of internal audit department. My work experience spans a period of six years, all in finance and accountancy.

I decided on accountancy while I was in college. Being particularly good with numbers and figures, the profession was close to my heart. But more importantly, the profession teaches financial moderation and cuts across all spheres of life. I decided to study ACCA to gain that cutting edge global advantage. I am currently studying for the exam papers F7, F8 and F9. It is my conviction that ACCA will ultimately help me achieve that international employment status I so much crave.

I currently hold an AAT and ACA qualification, a designation given by ICAN (Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria) – RQB in my country – to qualified accounting technicians and accounting professionals respectively.

I want to share my journey and experience through the ACCA Qualification with other students and prospective students, and hope it will serve as a success road map.