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by ACCA student blogger Shahroze Naeem

Earlier last month, ACCA conducted its annual tuition provider survey. I actively took part, as usual, and so was reminded of the significance of tuition providers. Even though ACCA is a study-around-work qualification, I might not have made it this far, just as smoothly, without the help of my tutors.

Although e-learning is very well the future of education, I still believe a tuition provider can contribute a lot throughout your road to success. This is why I have always relied and benefited from the company of tutors while studying for my ACCA Qualification.

1. Sharing of experiences and ideas

You might already have some tips on how to get through your next set of examinations. However, there are chances that you might be missing on other tips that are equally important. These tips can be provided by tutors who have gained experience coaching various batches of the same subject before.

All my past tutors were either ACCA members or affiliates. This means they had first-hand experience of what it’s like in the examination hall, how to tackle examination stress for each subject and many other ideas on how to get things done effectively.

2. An interactive learning experience vs. reading books and watching video lectures

With a tuition provider in place, you get to interact with people. You are far more involved in the classroom than you are while going through the study material, reference notes or video lectures all by yourself.

I remember how my tutor for Paper F4 gave us various past examples for each clause so that we would understand everything correctly.Even though these references were not included in the study material, they were still relevant. I scored an impressive mark because of his support and expertise in legal matters.

3. Tuition providers are also a doorway to future career possibilities

As I mentioned, all my tutors have either been ACCA affiliates or experienced members. They analyze each student’s performance and know where we are to excel in the near future. With them reviewing our performance carefully, we can easily evaluate our strengths and work on them to establish a sound career.

Good luck to everyone for the next examination session. Do let me know what your experience with your respective tuition provider has been like so far.

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by ACCA student blogger Hafeez Adeboye

In preparing for and taking the ACCA exams, you need a tuition provider that will be a partner or collaborator in the journey to membership. ACCA has done a great deal by approving the best quality ACCA tuition providers either as Platinum or Gold.

However, since I started my journey towards ACCA membership, I have been self-studying. The reason is that many providers offer tuition that is not as high quality as the fees they charge. Secondly, I find that ACCA provides enough study resources to complement my study, at almost no cost. Thirdly, as a part-time student and family man, self-study suits my lifestyle better.

I personally find I am more able to structure my study around work and life activities when I self-study. With discipline and a well-thought out study plan, I find the balance I need to reach forward, upward and onward in my journey to membership, without leaving other life goals to suffer.

I must say, however that self-study comes with its own challenges. Number one is discipline to stick to your studies. You will be thinking to yourself that, since you design the programme, you can decide to not follow through, after all, it’s not anyone else’s business. But it is your business, as this could be the difference between pass and fail. Number two is knowing what study programme works with your abilities, capabilities and activities around your lifestyle.

Finally, my one piece of advice should you choose to self-study is that you will need to turn to the people around you to collaborate, by sharing your study calendar with them using Microsoft Outlook. Then they know when you working, when you are studying and when you expect to have free time.

By ACCA student blogger Ng Jia Wen

*bzzzz bzzzz bzzzz* For the love of all delicious food in the world, why am I up this early? *presses the snooze button*

*bzzzz bzzzz bzzzz* Okay, okay, time to get up. Note to self – no more studying until 1am! Sleep is important. Wait, what time is it? *gasps* Oh no, I’m late! Okay, quick, breakfast, shower and drive.

Phew – I wasn’t late after all! Managed to avoid the morning rush hour. Traffic congestions in Malaysia can be pretty nasty. I’m rather early for my 8am class, but at least I have time to grab a cup of coffee and catch up on the latest football news with my friends.

It’s my first class for the day. Got to make sure I don’t fall asleep. Today’s class is highly important. Hmm, as a matter of fact, all my classes are highly important, since the exam paper will test us on anything in the syllabus.

Lunchtime! I suppose it is rather abnormal for my institution to schedule lunchtime at 11am, but we’ve pretty much gotten used to it. Today, I decide to have fried rice. With extra cili padi mixed with light soy sauce. (cili padi is a Malay term for Bird’s eye chili. When it’s mixed with light soy sauce, it is a common condiment in restaurants in Malaysia.)

Usually, my second class would begin now, ending at 5.30pm. But today there are no other classes scheduled. So I make my way to my favourite study area in college (which is not the library). It’s the most brightly lit area in college and one of the most cooling.

Right, now it’s time for some serious studying. I start by reviewing what my lecturer taught that day and consolidate my understanding to make sure that what I remember is right. Then I make short notes for each chapter of all the papers I am attempting. These are the best ways for me to remember my material, even though they’re very time-consuming processes.

After some productive study, I give myself a break. I grab a packet of sandwiches and a light drink to keep hunger at bay and to perk up my brain. I also go over to see my friends at their favourite study spots, ask them about a couple of questions that I didn’t understand during class, and have a chat.

Now it’s time to resume studying. The study area is now a little more crowded, as most of the classes have ended. Noise usually distracts me, so I plug my headphones into my mobile phone to listen to music.

Oh, it’s already dark outside! I usually only go home after the sun sets, as the evening traffic congestion would have cleared up by then.

I usually have dinner with my family (yes, I still live with my family) but by now they have finished eating, so I have dinner by myself.

Now I reply to my emails, and write articles for my blogs (if I have any inspiration).

A little more revision won’t hurt… right?

Uh-oh. It’s 1am already? Oh well. I guess tomorrow will be yet another beautiful day. It’s time to sleep.