Yani Shi

Yani ShiYani Shi ACCA student blogger
ACCA and MSc student

Originally from China, Yani is currently an international student in the UK. Yani is currently taking the Professional level papers of ACCA and combines self-study with tuition, depending on the ACCA paper she is taking.

Alongside her ACCA studies Yani is full-time MSc Accounting and Financial Management student at Lancaster University and has managed to find some time to blog for ACCA.


2 responses to Yani Shi


    Hello Miss Yani Shi i noticed your article about acca in China and i wonder if you can help me out finding fellow acca student in china. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.


      Hi, sorry to reply you late as I have been busy finding a job. where are you from? Are you currently studying in China? Maybe we can contact via email, my address is shi.yani@yahoo.co.uk, hope I could help you. Good luck with your study.

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